Personal 1:1 Executive Influence Accelerator

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Intelligent Influence™ 

1:1 Executive Accelerator

Before considering the 90-day strategic Executive Influence Accelerator with Donn, most clients can relate to one or more of the following:

  • "I can't seem to change a client's mind when he's entrenched in his perspective."

  • "We've shown them the logic and the facts to the solution, but they aren't getting it."

  • "I've got a great track record as a leader, but I seem to be invisible to the C-Suite."

  • "I need to align my internal belief as a leader with my outer leader persona..."

  • "My leadership brand has stalled; I need to reinforce my platform value..."

Donn's Private Executive Influence Accelerator is your passport to proven influence and persuasive language strategies, clearly focused business growth tactics, and personalized 1:1 implementation guidance for directors, executives, and C-suite leaders. If you are in a client facing role, then this will also help you with converting vendors, prospects, and contacts
into clients and customers. 

How is this program different?

Donn's approach is based on his 30 years leading people and projects for Fortune 100 companies, gaining internal allies, advocates, and champions; and working with industry partners, vendors, and clients through engagement, authority positioning, influence, and conversion/compliance.

Download the PDF Information Sheet on Donn's 1:1 Executive Influence Accelerator

Who is this designed for?

It's designed for corporate leaders at the director level and above, management consultants, entrepreneurs, consultants, experts who work with clients, customers, peers, and other decision makers and want to be heard more, noticed more, and have greater results in their business or career. This is an elite program, but it's not elitist. 

Aren't sure if working one-on-one with Donn is right for you?
Donn understands that no one buys "coaching," "mentoring," "speaking," or "consulting." He knows people buy results and all of Donn's programs are oriented toward the results, outcomes, speed, and certainty YOU want and need.

Download the PDF "How Working with Donn LeVie Jr. is Different"


1:1 Executive Mentoring to Lead Smarter, Act Faster, and Create Breakthrough Results

Strategic Executive Mentoring Accolades

“Donn LeVie provided a common-sense approach to solving complex career concerns…he was spot-on with his comments and solutions.”

-- Chief auditor, Central National Bank

“Donn LeVie provided a solid validation of my current career objective, and his ideas on future opportunities for my expertise were most valuable…”

-- Government intelligence analyst (DoD)

“I received valuable career information that can help me NOW. I highly recommend Donn LeVie's focused feedback and tailored assistance.”

-- International bank fraud examiner

“You have profoundly affected the way I view work.”

-- DHS  Supervisor

"Donn's E.P.I.C. Results program and follow-up materials are an integrated approach to building and maintaining your branded leadership expertise and value that is both insightful and thought provoking. It's new and exciting stuff!"

-- Karen O'kwu, CPA, CFE
J.P. Morgan Chase