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About Donn LeVie, Jr.

Like you, leadership influence strategist and business author Donn LeVie, Jr. has seen the word “leadership” defined in many ways over the years. Is it charisma and positive thinking? Pinstripes and power ties? Decisiveness? Is it all about the situation? Is it meant only for the chose few who rise to the top? Or is there a different story?

With over three decades of in-the-trenches experience leading people and projects for such Fortune 100 companies as Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, and Intel Corporation; working on oceanographic research for NOAA; and serving as adjunct faculty for the University of Houston, Donn’s view is radically different. He appreciates, and shares with audiences and clients, that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice driven by the power of influential and emotional intelligence. It’s not about title, tenure, or position.

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Donn, often referred to as the “Executive Alchemist” for his ability to help transform high-achieving leaders and experts into influencers or as the “Coaching Catalyst” for his coaching skill that brings out the best in others, is known for his practical, street-savvy, no-nonsense approach; Donn’s fusion of real-life stories and his conversational style connect with audiences and clients at an intimate, intense, and individual level.


Donn is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Ethics Associate (CEA) and Senior Fellow with the Management & Strategy Institute (MSI). He is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and the National Speakers Association (NSA). Donn is the author of two award-winning business books, Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0, and Strategic Career Engagement, both of which won International Book Awards and Gold and Silver Global eBook Awards.


In addition, Donn is a feature article contributor to FRAUD Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, where he writes about fraud “corner cases.” He also writes the magazine’s Career Connection column, where he offers leadership influence strategies to readers.

On a personal note, Donn is a classical guitar composer and performer of Baroque-period music.  A former foreign language undergraduate student before switching majors, Donn remembers just enough Spanish, French, and Italian to confound native speakers everywhere. He currently lives in Austin, Texas.