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Donn knows what you want most is a rewarding professional career and lifestyle for you and your family. Throughout his career, he has mentored and consulted for countless professionals just like you in a variety of technical, marketing, and communications positions. He's help them build and promote their branded value and expertise for personal and professional success in a variety of industries and organizations.


Since leaving the Fortune 100 corporate world in 2013 after a 35-year career (NOAA, Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, Intel Corp, University of Houston), Donn has been solving problems as a speaker, consultant, award-winning author, and mentor. He works with leaders and executives like you as an engagement and positioning strategist, leadership platform catalyst, and success expeditor. 


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As a Positioning/Influence Strategist...

Donn helps Influencers and Thought Leaders like you lead smarter and sharpen influence for growing revenue and shareholder value...and

As a Brand Leverage Catalyst...

Donn shows fast-track professionals like you how to expand platforms of expertise, increase brand equity/value, and grow their circle of influence...and 

As a Success Expeditor...

Donn helps presence-driven leaders like you make better decisions for keeping employee engagement and productivity at peak levels.

Donn's job as your strategic coach/ mentor is to:

  • Brainstorm brilliance

  • Hold you accountable to do the hard things first

  • Ongoing guidance for your specific goals & objectives 

  • Challenge you to the next level of excellence

  • Expand your comfort zone

  • Make your ideas a reality

  • Offer honest unbiased opinions

  • Provide tools and knowledge for insight

  • Motivate you when things get tough

  • Get “there” faster in a good, positive emotional state