The CEO as Influential Speaker

CEOs are notorious bad speakers. They don't do it often enough to be comfortable, and a "speech" usually ends up with CEOs reading their printed speech or reading someone else's words off the teleprompter — words which they probably hadn't seen before.


They aren't speaking from their own place of passion which would inspire, motivate, or challenge an audience  -- instead, they are parroting someone else's words. Although they may excel at leading companies to greater and greater success, it's their own voice and genuine passion (emotion) when they speak that carries the audience along through the journey. 

This 8-week personal coaching program focuses on these critical components of influential and persuasive speaking for CEOs:

  • Positioning your authority, expertise, and message 

  • Packaging your persona as an influential speaker

  • Talk titles that fill seats at a conference

  • Hooks that quickly grab an audiences' attention and interest

  • Creating and enhancing your stage presence

  • Creating a buzz to boost your "bookability" 

  • Creating an aura of distinction

  • Bureau-friendly practices to help you get more speaking opportunities