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Throughout his three-decade-long career in people and project leadership, Donn has been invited to speak at conferences in the earth sciences, high-tech development, and other specialties because of his high-value, outcome-rich keynotes and programs that show how to get E.P.I.C. Results™ that help executives lead smarter, act faster, and make better decisions in highly competitive markets. 

Year after year, the annual Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report states that among the top 5 reasons for attending conferences are networking with peers, professional development, and learning industry Best Practices

But that's not making headlines in the meetings industry journals and blogs. It seems that there's a lot of press about the "bright shiny objects" (VR, holograms, keynotes by robots, exotic food options, upscale hospitality locations) that are more novelty items than working applications. 

These amenities can contribute to the attendee experience in the right proportion to the event purpose. If you want your event, conference, or meeting to be a crucible for change for members/attendees, your catalyst is the speaker expert who interjects fresh perspectives, ideas, strategies, and pattern-breaking insight. That speaker expert is the change agent who initiates the alchemy for spinning his or her unique insight, experience, expertise, and recommendations into audience gold. 

You want your speaker expert to serve as a "mild but positive irritant" to the status quo -- like the single grain of sand to the oyster -- to challenge your audience to think beyond the mundane to create their own pearls that further their professional/personal or organizational goals.

A speaker expert with strong value and strong content that shifts paradigms and moves the needle for your audience is your best ally because they help you enhance member retention, help grow membership numbers, and boost member engagement; they elevate your event ROI well beyond the closing ceremonies to create a higher "return on event" (ROE). 

"Donn LeVie provides the most comprehensive professional advancement guidance I have ever heard...Besides being a top-notch speaker and presenter who captures an audience with his witty dialogue and strategic experience. . . He is the meeting professional's best friend because he'll knock it out of the ballpark for your event."​

Leslie Simpson, Meetings Director

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners