Trade Show Conference

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops

Intelligent Influence Programs that Boost Your ROI and Return on Event (ROE)

Donn's conference workshops and seminars always leave audiences with immediate takeaway persuasion and influence strategies, techniques, and tools they can use to get heard, get noticed, and get HUGE results--AND they get 30 days of follow-on content to help ensure new habits, ideas, and strategies take hold.

Donn's conference masterclasses boost your ROI and extend the Return on Event beyond the closing ceremonies. Find out how he can do that for your in-person or virtual conference with his high takeaway value Intelligent Leadership Influence programs.

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“Donn LeVie provides the best, most comprehensive guidance I have ever seen regarding professional leadership development and the skills and techniques individuals to advance from their current positions. I have had the pleasure of working with Donn for several years and have consistently seen him give hope through tried and true guidance and proven tactics for leadership and brand development. Additionally, Donn is a top-notch speaker/presenter who captures an audience with his witty dialogue and strategic experience.


"He is the meeting professional’s best friend…”

Leslie Simpson, CFE
Director of Events at Association of Certified Fraud Examiners