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Another year has gone by and you're probably trying to realign your leadership bearings. Maybe you’ve tried other coaching or mentoring programs, do-it-yourself courses, and off-the-shelf leadership programs that were big on the hype but short on value. 


So why are you here now? Because you’re ready for real high-impact, long-lasting results


And not just someday, but starting right here, right now.

We want to work with accomplished leaders and executives like you who need a higher trajectory and an acceleration boost for your branded value and expertise. You realize (and we do) that being an "influencer" and "thought leader" has more value when it is a label earned—and not claimed as so many others think. 

Without a repeatable system and reliable process to move you forward in the emergent workplace, you’re in trouble. There’s more noise in the corporate environment than ever before — and it’s only getting more difficult to be heard and get noticed for your contributions to the strategic direction of the organization. 

How to Boost Your Executive Performance, Broaden Your Influence, and Deepen Key Connections for Greater Financial Results


Do it differently because you were made for more.

Overcome the hurdles. Change the behaviors holding you back. Discover the potential you have. Make a real impact on yourself and your team.

Imagine the success of being heard, being seen, and getting EPIC results by doing things differently with a repeatable framework that gets those results each and every time...

  • Power up your branded value & expertise. 

  • Sharpen your "engagementality."

  • Improve your authority positioning.

  • Expand your circle of influence.

  • Lead smarter.

  • Think faster.

  • Make breakthrough decisions.

  • Move from networking to "connectworking."

  • Develop your leadership presence.

  • Enhance emotional & influential intelligence

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If you're having difficulty convincing decision makers that you're the right person for the job, assuring irate customers or clients that you'll take care of their problem, or dealing with inflexible parties who are reluctant to sign off on your proposal, we have your back to help you with the artful application of engagement strategies, positioning your branded value and expertise, and influential intelligence.

In every encounter, you can choose how to engage the other party that bridges the empathy divide for meaningful connection to win clients, customers, decision makers—essentially hearts and mindsfor better results, outcomes, conclusions, whatever the goal.

When you learn these principles, you can move away from professional stagnation or obscurity to more profound personal and professional change that serves as the driving force for your future and ongoing success.


Leadership Excelerator® Coaching programs offer distinctive value and outcomes.

You must meet 3 important criteria to work with us: 


1. You must already be in a leadership or executive position. 

Our coaching and mentoring programs are designed exclusively for established leaders and executives who aren’t satisfied with where they are at now and want to take things to the next level. 


2. You must be coachable, open and accessible, and ready for change.

You have to be willing to change the way you think about your leadership — including your engagement, positioning, influence authority, and leadership value platform. If that’s not you, then you’re not a good fit for our programs. (Take the free “Am I Coachable?” assessment here).


3. You must be an TAKE ACTION HERO.

All of our mentoring programs are designed to produce measurable OUTCOMES, which means you must be persistent in doing the work and implementing new strategies and tactics. If you’re a fast-out-of-the-gate person who never finishes what you start, you won’t be successful with any of the coaching or mentoring programs.

It’s your responsibility to get results, but we will provide the roadmap, tools, growth mindset support, and even the accountability to help you stay focused and on point for successful leadership transformation.


Have a look around the website. Check out the Corporate Strategic Programs page, where you can download eGuides for the Corporate Strategic Group programs.


Register for the complementary masterclasses to see exactly how we help clients achieve EPIC results with their leadership trajectory.


Check out the Mini-Case Studies below to see what clients and audiences have said about the value they received from the programs.

If you have any questions, or would like a couple ideas to help get you unstuck with your leadership development, book a strategy call with Donn.

Welcome to Leadership Excelerator® Coaching!

You‘re gonna love the view from the top of the mountain!


and the team at Donn LeVie Jr. STRATEGIES, LLC

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Scalable high-value coaching.

"Donn has a passion for his craft and possesses what I would call a ‘health-engendering personality’ - an enthusiasm which causes you to feel better about yourself after being around him and going through his leadership programs. Donn's leadership influence program is not only enjoyable but provides insights which can be used immediately to produce results.”



Not Sure Coaching or Mentoring is for You or Can Help You Get Unstuck?

Donn asked Manchester United Women's Soccer Team Captain Katie Zelem and All-Star NFL running back Ricky Williams about the importance of having mentors — even at the elite level of performance. Coaches and mentors played a huge role in their success.

The behavior change itself is the value mentoring delivers. Put another way, successful behavior change is a leading indicator of financial value.

Are you even coachable?

That's an important question...take the assessment to learn if in fact you are coachable—because we don't work with tire kickers, goofballs, or know-it-alls. After reading the results of your coachability score, read this.

"Want to get great at something? Get a coach."

How do we improve in the face of complexity? Atul Gawande has studied this question with a surgeon's precision. He shares what he's found to be the key: having a good coach and mentor to provide a more accurate picture of our reality, to instill positive habits of thinking, and to break our actions down and then help us build them back up again.


"It's not how good you are now; it's how good you're going to be that really matters."  

Mini-Case Studies

Michael was at a point in his career where he knew he had to step up his game to get heard and get noticed by senior leaders at HSBC Bank. After attending one of Donn's conference programs on building a leadership platform and brand equity, he was ready to promote his branded leadership expertise and value and was ready to take things forward to show that "I’m open, I’m connected, and I’m the right person to take the decision making for risk mitigation to the next level.”


michael dunlop.png

— Michael Dunlop

Head of Investigations 

Financial Crime Threat Mitigation,

HSBC Bank Middle East, Ltd.

Jennifer had not been effective persuading her clients to embark on a particular course of action. She was more focused on leading them to fixed solutions than listening to them. Her participation in one of Donn's programs made her recognize where she'd been deficient in presenting herself and her skills to clients. “What I enjoyed the most [from Donn's program] was learning how you, the client, really set the expectation and the tone, and I need to be more of a servant and learn how to present myself as someone who can assist you in your goals and your objectives.”


-Jennifer Sirois

CEO, Founder

Sirois Investigative Agency

Dr. Steve Haenchen was frustrated with undergraduates who had no idea about how to develop strategies for pre-engaging decision makers as students would be making their way in the business world. After going through one of Donn's programs, Dr. Haenchen was ready to "pay it forward" to his students: "Donn gives a lot of motivation and encouragement to make you want to get out there and get going. Wish my students could have heard him.”



— Steve Haenchen, Ph.D.

 Cyber Forensics and Information Security Management, Kansas University

Tenecia was happy with the progress she was making in different leadership positions. What surprised her were the many other things that would have generated more visibility, more value, and more influence. Donn's program made her realize that she had to identify her "secret advantage" in her profession, especially with the idea of pre-engaging decision makers before the need for direct engagement. "[Donn's program] was so jam-packed with information and he was confident that I knew I could trust everything he was saying to help me move my leadership and career forward."


-Tenecia Strayhorn

Data Analytics Manager

Enterprise Holdings