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Corporate Programs

Let us put your mind at ease. The INFLUENCE WITHOUT AUTHORITY platform forms the core of a repeatable, reliable, and proven system developed over 30 years to help you better engage, influence, and convert decision makers, peers, and others as allies, advocates, champions, clients, or customers.

At the same time, our approach elevates your leadership trajectory while sharpening your message of branded value, expertise, and persuasive influence 

Unlike most other leadership programs, we offer noise-canceling pathways to your leadership growth, influence, and success with proven techniques that will boost performance and shareholder value.

Corporate programs are the same as the conference all-day seminars but more comprehensive and involve more audience participation. All in-person, on-site programs have class size limited to 25 individuals. For virtual options, see the section below.

How Our Virtual Programs Are Presented

Using a combination of pre-recorded video presentations for content and live virtual meetings for Q&A, discussion, and exercises means employees don't have to commit hours or days away from other project priorities. They can view the pre-recorded videos at more convenient times in their schedules (preferably before the scheduled Zoom strategy session calls for that section) over 6 weeks in a virtual group strategy session. Live in-person options include 30 days of follow-up content to reinforce new strategies and skills. The combination of pre-recorded videos and live virtual strategy sessions actually produces better learning reinforcement than crowding information over several days.


We are no strangers to uncertainty

We know the anxiety that external circumstances (like a global pandemic, government policy, natural and man-made disasters) can create for your organization and its employees. We led teams before and after 9/11 and during the 2008-2011 recession when uncertainty — even chaos at times — ruled the day.

But what happens if you don't have a solid strategy in place for deploying trust-based, resilient, authentic, influential leadership in times like these?

More anxiety, stress, and executive exhaustion, right

We get it. And we can help.

Let's have a conversation today to see where we can work together.

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