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Have you cracked "The Code" yet?

As a technology engineering manager or executive leader, The Code we speak of is the Influential Intelligence™ code that transforms you from a good leader to a GREAT one in good times and during times of chaos.

The four major elements of the Influential Intelligence code address your skills and application of engagement, positioning, influence, and conversion when working with employees, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders as the "new normal" emerges in the months and years ahead. 

Is your leadership style "code-compliant"? Don't second guess your ability to effectively apply these critical skills for your current and future success as you take on roles with more accountability, authority, and responsibility. 

If you thought leading and managing people was difficult BEFORE the pandemic... ain't seen nothin' yet.

In the "old normal," you had the everyday variety of challenges to deal with as an engineering manager or technology executive:


  • Working in a culture that venerates engineering to the exclusion of other functions meant your leadership or management authority was meaningless and carries little influence.

  • Some of your current colleagues may have reported to you or you reported to them in previous companies.

  • Losing stellar talent to other companies who had more "way cool" projects to work on.

  • Your teams were constantly driven to meet arbitrary and aggressive project cycles for pushy customers, 11th-hour product scope changes, causing late nights and long weekends, and even forced cancellation of vacations.

  • The pace was so harried that manager and leadership burnout was/is rampant, and you're one of the "senior managers" after just two years in the job.

  • Having to deal with multiple project owners and their overlapping, conflicting, and misaligned priorities.

Those were the good ole days. I know because I've been there...with Motorola and Intel Corporation.

But now, the global pandemic is generating an evolving "new normal" 

So there's a new reality  - the "new normal" is taking shape daily right before our eyes regarding how businesses will operate going forward. There will be adjustments to entire business paradigms as the “work environment” and the “office”  undergo radical change. Then there are the more profound challenges as companies work through immediate, near-term priorities, such as these shown in the 5 Stages of Dealing with Chaos.

The most current research (May 2020) suggests 5 critical areas that engineering managers and leaders must be prepared to address as the workforce redefines itself: 

  • Work/Life Balance (60%)

  • Tech for Remote Work (50%)

  • Two-Way Communication (45%)

  • Productivity and Engagement (25%)

  • Emotional and Social Engagement (25%)

  • Physical Well Being (15%)

The secret to an engaged, motivated workforce lies with leaders equipped with emotional and influential intelligence who provide the necessary psychological empowerment for employees in the workplace - especially for a post-pandemic business environment.


Can you afford not to have such prepared leaders in place as you emerge and accelerate out of the chaos? 


Don’t wait for the “all clear” order to be given before pursuing your acceleration out of this or any crisis, because you don’t know when that will happen. Just like you can’t predict the bottom in a stock market drop, you can’t call it here either. But it will come to pass, and when it does, engineering managers and senior leaders across the board must be in position ready to work with the New Normal.

There’s no better time than NOW to prepare your managers and leaders to come out on the other side of chaos, so that…

But is there a program already out there that can address these challenges?

The CRACKING THE CODE Strategic Mentoring Program is just such a program. It incorporates specific beliefs, behaviors, and action that, when integrated into the fabric of the organization, results in paradigm shifts that allow for more effective and lasting connections with employees, vendors, clients, customers, stakeholders and decision makers to further your organization's post-COVID-19 mission, vision, and objectives.

  • You’ll experience marked improvement in employee engagement as the workforce feels more empowered to contribute to the value of the organization

  • You’ll see drastic decreases in lost productivity costs as employees embrace the value contribution of the work they do both in the office and working from home

  • Employee retention rates will improve with improvements in work/life balance

  • The overall health and well-being of the workforce will improve (thereby lowering health care costs) as leaders become more proficient with emotional and influential intelligence managing social and emotional capital employees invest in the organization 

  • Shareholder value will appreciate when disengagement and lost productivity are addressed and eliminated

  • Your employees will be more committed than ever, because you have demonstrated your commitment to their physical, emotional, and professional well-being.

When the ongoing challenges facing leaders must be addressed, you can’t just go with an off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill, repackaged, been-there/done-that, flavor-of-the-month program. You really want a program that enhances what you already do well with your own leadership development training. You need an approach that is focused on upward-bound leaders and executives who gravitate to higher levels of accountability, authority, and responsibility.   

The CRACKING THE CODE Virtual Strategic Mentoring Program** is your answer to those itches-you-can’t-scratch challenges that will be coming your way if…

  • You're faced with loosing engineering talent in the U.S. on H1B visas by the end of June 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (as many as 125,000 H-1B holders not able to transfer to other jobs within 60 days)

  • You’re a senior leader (C-Suite Executive, Vice-President, GM, or Director) with levels of management reporting directly to you

  • Your organization is wrestling with lost productivity and employee disengagement costs but doesn’t know by how much or how to fix it

  • You’re struggling with holding on to key talent in the organization but don’t know why or how to stem the outbound flow of intellectual capital

  • Your support employees don’t feel empowered to do more to contribute to the company’s success in an engineering-centric organization

  • Your succession planning relies more on bringing in leaders from “outside the tribe” than preparing your own up-and-coming high potentials (“members of the tribe”)

  • You have too many managers and leaders who lack emotional/influential intelligence skills to be effective with engaging others, positioning their authority, exerting influence, or obtaining buy-in, compliance, or cooperation from others as the forced business transformations begin to emerge.

TAKE THE NEXT STEP TODAY as a high-achieving leader or executive to be better prepared to address the old (and the new) challenges that await your organization as you emerge from the chaos.

**The 8-week CRACKING THE CODE Virtual Strategic Mentoring Program Corporate In-House Option will prepare up to 20 managers and leaders in your organization to better address the emerging new challenges (and the old ones that are still around) from a post-pandemic reality.

Next steps

Go long on yourself. Take the next step right now to put your success into a higher trajectory. You’ll be in position for the challenges that await as companies emerge from the chaos seeking your branded value and expertise.​ Sign up today for the FREE Masterclass that will provide strategies and tactics for addressing challenges in the New Normal. This isn't "training;" it's Strategic Coaching and Mentoring designed to accelerate you into your future!

If your interested is in a corporate in-house program, schedule a call directly with Donn.

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