Building Your Technology Leadership Platform and Influence Masterclass


The Building Your Technology Leadership Platform and 

Influence Masterclass program is for current and

high-potential leaders. This program will share tools

and strategies for boosting your visibility, niche authority,

proven influence, and focusing on those others who have

a need for your branded leadership value and expertise.


When all four of these cylinders are firing, you've created

a strong "unfair advantage" — which is simply how your

communicated leadership brand equity renders all other

competitors irrelevant. You’ll also learn how to elevate your

emotional and influential leadership intelligence.

Everyone has a professional platform upon which they build their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, and networks.  A leadership platform is the position in a market, company, association, or profession that an individual or an organization occupies where people look to them for their strategic expertise. Brand equity is the applied value – the “polish” – customers, clients, peers, decision makers, and others put on that brand that helps increase shareholder value.


For professional associations, strong leadership platforms and influence skills help boost member engagement, member retention, and member growth. For corporate audiences, strong leadership platforms and influence skills help make smarter and faster breakthrough decisions for richer financial results.


What Attendees Will Learn:

  • How and why your beliefs drive leadership platform development and your “brand equity.” 

  • Use the 5 primary drivers of the human operating system to influence your results.

  • The one and only reason people do business with you, buy from you, or work with you or your organization.

  • The four leadership platform elements and how to build and promote them to create allies, advocates, and champions.

  • Apply the E.P.I.C. Results® strategy improve intelligent leadership influence and effectiveness with all types of clients, customers, and audiences

  • The major components of a leadership influencer brand that gets others to take notice and ultimately lead to a preference for working with YOU.

  • Identify the critical social media channels that will help promote their leadership branded expertise and value to engage other leaders and decision makers

  • How and why leadership brand equity works in your favor using the brain’s associative modeling capability.

  • Apply the Mindworm Contagion®, associative memory models, and the Continuum of Belief and Appeal® as an advantage for capturing client or customer interest and approval.

  • Use social proof of branded value and expertise as a tool of leadership influence when engaging others.

How Our Masterclasses Are Delivered for Rapid Takeaway and Maximum Value*



What Others Have Said About This Program


                 “Extremely informative, and great fun. Donn offered fresh strategies to position your
                 leadership brand for the future. I highly recommend “Building Your Professional
                 Leadership Platform and Brand 


                 Patrick Eichenberg
                 Sr. Manager Global Security & Investigations, TD Bank Group


                “I learned quite a bit from Donn about the cutting edge on how I’m going to market my
                branded leadership expertise and value, how I’m going to take things forward to show
                that I’m open, I’m connected, and I’m the right person to take the decision making in
                terms of risk mitigation to the next level.”


                Michael Dunlop, CFE

                Head of Investigations, Financial Crime Threat Mitigation, HSBC Bank
                Middle East, Ltd.


Better yet, listen to what they and others have to say on the “Building Leadership Platform and Brand Equity Testimonials” video.

Are Your Organization’s Technology Leaders Prepared for the New Future?


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workplace model, as well as leadership approaches (especially the increased need for empathy and trust), probably for good. The tried-and-true, out-of-the-box, repackaged, repurposed leadership strategies that were in use prior to February 2020 can no longer fully serve the demands of the New Future for employees and the workplace.

You’ll never be as close as you are today to align leadership platform development with the new way forward.


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*Live on-site version of this program is available. Limited to 25 leaders/executives.