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Influencer and Thought Leader Excelerator for Executives:

Seven Techniques to Get You From Expert Status to Influencer and Thought Leader

It's what you say, how you say it, and how you look when you say it that counts. 

  • Get into the heads of decision makers to keep your branded value and expertise top of mind

The Influencer and Thought Leader Excelerator Program for Executives will re-ignite your creativity, put a higher trajectory on your career development, and better position you to accelerate your personal and professional career goals.



Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll have more valuable perspectives on how to leverage your intellectual property and discover new ways of conveying your unique vision

  • The Influence and Thought Leader Continuum™ will serve as your guideposts for the quickening of your accomplishments

  • Participate in a highly collaborative program and reap the benefits of synergy, momentum, and accountability

  • Uncover the more profound wisdom and insight of your current intellectual property to extract more value, more influence, and more opportunity

  • Engage with other participants in the program as they discover their own path through the Influencer and Thought Leader Continuum to discover motivating ideas for your own. 

  • Learn from the successes of other Influencers and Thought Leaders that can serve as catalysts for your own progress

  • Discover how stories can enhance and add color to how audiences experience your ideas, concepts, and way of thinking

  • Learn ways to record and protect your original ideas in whatever form that wisdom takes

  • Build your confidence and expertise as an influential presenter or speaker by providing new ideas using unique approaches that captivate listeners and make your content memorable (capturing mind share)


  • Influence and Thought Leader Continuum: The progression for becoming an Influencer and Thought Leader in your company, industry, or profession 

  • The Influencer and Thought Leader Sequence: The eight major strategies that form your personal blueprint for communicating your original ideas and perspectives

  • Strategy 1 - What’s Your Opinion?: Looking at issues and challenges in your profession or field from a different point of view as either an advocate for the status quo or for change, but being a voice from out front, not one in the crowd.

  • Strategy 2Knowledge Mash-up: Consilience is the collision of knowledge from different disciplines that results in “aha” moments; looking at your own knowledge domains to determine where consilience lies awaiting discovery.

  • Strategy 3 - Can You Draw It? Illustrating your key leadership ideas that illuminate concepts and uncover relationships and connections

  • Strategy 4 What’s Your “Big Idea” Like?: Relating your unique branded value and expertise using metaphor and simile that help others see parallels between your idea and something they are already familiar with.

  • Strategy 5: Tell me a Story: Using storytelling to attach transferable concepts in the minds of audiences that make it easier to relate facts, evidence, and data in the message.

  • Strategy 6: Did You Say That? Enhancing your Influencer and Thought Leader standing by creating your own quotable bits of wisdom that edifies the message and entertains your audience at the same time.

  • Strategy 7: Who Knows You? Who Knows Your Work? Leveraging and protecting your creative portfolio of books, keynotes, social media presence, articles in professional journals, conference presentations, blogs, podcasts, etc. to extend and expand your influence.

  • Strategy 8: The Many Faces of Your Brand: Your brand is the perception of value that decision makers, clients and customers believe you offer. It's all the ways your personal and professional presence is conveyed to others that distinguishes you in the minds of those who seek your influence and leadership.

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