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Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity for Success:

Influence Strategies to Move You Forward Faster

Shore up your leadership platform expertise with influence and persuasion tools.

  • Get into the heads of decision makers to keep your branded value and expertise top of mind

  • Sell the future benefits of your branded expertise to give decision makers no choice but to giveserious consideration to your leadership

  • Incorporate advanced brand strategies to let decision makers know they’re getting the problemsolver and solutions provider who can help them get what they want or need

  • Fine-tune your performance strategy to provide the right responses to questions and ask questionsthat put YOU in future scenarios working with decision makers

The Building Your Leadership Platform and Enhancing Your Professional Platform and Brand Equity for Success program you exactly what you need to say and what you need to do to move your leadership forward. You won’t be in a better position to leverage your expertise, your value, or your experience as your leadership progresses to positions of greater authority and accountability. There’s no better time than NOW to prepare to come out of the post-pandemic gate strong.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Improve your visibility, develop your authority positioning, grow your influence, and refine your audience to get heard, get noticed, and get results

  • Apply the brand-building activities that best serve your goals and learn how to get others to boost your brand equity

  • Create  value propositions that lead decision makers to ask you for more information while increasing your influence on others

  • Generate social proof of your value and expertise through LinkedIn endorsements and testimonials to boost your authority and positioning

  • Engage with decision makers on social media on issues they care about and build a strong associative memory model with them

  • Learn how to integrate the elements of E.P.I.C. Results (Enhancing Performance, Influence, and Connection) in your own platform to help you step up to Influencer and Thought Leader status

What You’ll Cover

  • Enhancing Your Professional Platform

  • Building Your Brand/Promoting Your Brand Equity

  • Positioning Your Expertise and Value

  • Broadcasting Social Proof of Your Branded Value and Expertise

  • Launching a Pre-Engagement Strategy

  • Launching a Direct Engagement Strategy

  • Launching a Post Engagement Strategy

  • Embracing the Unfair Advantage Paradigm

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