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90-Day 1:1 Leadership Influence Excelerator® Personal Coaching/ Mentoring Program

You don't have to be a CEO or other corporate executive to afford high-impact mentoring/coaching access. With the Laser-Focused 90-Day 1:1 Leadership Excelerator Mentoring Program, you can have access to Donn's insight and expertise as a positioning and influence strategist, leadership brand platform catalyst, and success expeditor.

This intensive program is a trusted-advisor experience for fast-track, high-achieving leaders who feel their capacity to lead with clarity and influence needs a higher trajectory and more acceleration (or "exceleration").

Donn works with only 6 individual clients at a time in this program, so you get focused attention. 

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“I had an opportunity to work with Donn LeVie. I was halfway through a Ph.D. program in psychology and was looking for ways to integrate my academic experience with my working experience—how to put those two together to make sense.  Donn was fantastic…the real-world advice he provided was very easy to follow. Shortly after, I ended up getting a contract job that was right in line with my dissertation project. Everything worked out perfectly!

"Could not be happier, thanks to Donn’s advice. He’s so easy to work with!”


Dr. Paul Nicholas, CFE

Director, Group Internal Audit - Investigations, Sodexo

Donn asked Manchester United Women's Soccer Team Captain Katie Zelem and All-Star NFL running back Ricky Williams about the importance of having mentors — even at the elite level of performance. Coaches and mentors played a huge role in their success.

The behavior change itself is the value mentoring delivers. Put another way, successful behavior change is a leading indicator of financial value.

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