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The view from the other side of crisis... a new and different workplace reality.

We are starting to glimpse changes coming to global business on the other side of the pandemic, and nearly all will be disruptive - both positively and negatively - to varying degrees.  

The most important changes will be to your people as they address the impact of isolated working environments, anxiety over their jobs, and their own (and their family's) well being. The conditions for employee disengagement and lost productivity may be extremely high.

In addition to those critical needs, employees need empathetic leadership that they can trust; they need technology support for the virtual workplace; they need leaders who can model how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources.


They need leaders with vision and influence to rise to the occasion before them.



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“Donn is a seasoned and savvy business man, a man of tremendous focus and integrity, and a man of varied interests. He's a well-respected published author, teacher, and speaker...Your organization is bound to benefit from working with him. He's retained my admiration for years. Engage him without reservation.” 


David Vliet, CEO 

Lifelong Medical Care Clinic Network of California

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