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The view from the other side of crisis... a new and different workplace reality.

We are starting to glimpse changes coming to global business on the other side of the pandemic, and nearly all will be disruptive - both positively and negatively - to varying degrees.  

The most important changes will be to your people as they address the impact of isolated working environments, anxiety over their jobs, and their own (and their family's) well being. The conditions for employee disengagement and lost productivity may be extremely high.

In addition to those critical needs, employees need empathetic leadership that they can trust; they need technology support for the virtual workplace; they need leaders who can model how to cope in spite of setbacks, or barriers, or limited resources.


They need presence-driven leaders. Are you one of them? 

Emerging from Chaos: Are your leaders and executives prepared to address the “new normal” as well as the "old normal" challenges?

Remember the uncertainty, fear, paralysis, and confusion that surrounded the events of 9/11? Everyone was caught up in an emotional maelstrom as we all tried to process exactly the magnitude – and the reality – of what just happened. That event and its aftermath was a tipping point for the economy and for rethinking “doing business as usual.”

Similarly, this current global pandemic has forced a reset for the way we do business going forward. There will be adjustments to entire business paradigms as the "work environment" and the "office" undergo radical redefinition. Then there are the more profound challenges as companies work through immediate, near-term, and long-term priorities such as the chart below.

But research by DDI* shows these five critical areas will be the highest priority for leaders and executives on the other side of this crisis:

  • Empathy

  • Trust

  • Well-Being

  • Resilience

  • Virtual workplace


Four of those five priorities emerging out of the “new normal” rely heavily on soft skills; primarily emotional and influential intelligence.

A new Deloitte study of 10,455 Millennials  shows they need help improving skills in four areas: Interpersonal skills; confidence and motivation; critical thinking; and innovation and creativity -- all hallmarks of effective leadership. 

…But the old normal itches you haven’t been able to scratch before are STILL THERE.

While the basic corporate operational and infrastructure challenges going into the New Normal may crowd meeting agendas for some time to come, such focus and priorities are essential, but it's more challenging than that. Companies everywhere must still address the issues that have plagued profitability and shareholder value for years:

  • It's more challenging because you still must retain your high-performing employees immersed in a virtual workplace

  • It's more challenging because you still must address employee anxiety leading to disengagement and lost productivity

  • It's more challenging because you still need emotionally intelligent leaders to address empathy, trust, and resilience

  • It's more challenging because you must still develop innovative cultures to seek out emerging opportunities

  • It's more challenging because leadership succession planning is still a challenge even as you groom fast-track leaders

  • It's more challenging because there’s more pressure from social-conscious investors for you to work closer with stakeholders vs. only shareholders

  • It's more challenging because disruptive technologies demand rapidly evolving strategies 

  • It's more challenging because of the need for whole brain (analytical and soft skills) leadership presence

  • It's more challenging because you still need influencers and thought leaders at the executive leadership level to boldly explore the potential of uncharted waters

Can you afford NOT to have such prepared leaders in place as you emerge and accelerate out of the chaos? 

Don’t wait for the “all clear” order to be given before pursuing your acceleration out of this or any crisis, because you don’t know when that will happen. Just like you can’t predict the bottom in a stock market drop, you can’t call it here either. But it will come to pass, and when it does, senior leaders across the board will still have the difficulty of trying to embrace the New Normal while attending to Old Normal issues.

There’s no better time than now to prepare your leaders to come out of the gate strong, so that…

  • You’ll experience marked improvement in employee engagement as the evolving virtual workforce feels more empowered to contribute to the value of the organization

  • You’ll see drastic decreases in lost productivity costs as employees embrace the value contribution of the work they do

  • Absenteeism, workplace injuries will decrease

  • The overall health and wellbeing of the workforce will improve as leaders become more proficient with emotional and influential intelligence

  • Shareholder value will appreciate when disengagement and lost productivity are addressed and eliminated

  • Your employees will be more committed than ever, because you have demonstrated your commitment to them and their wellbeing

The EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP ALCHEMY Strategic Mentoring Program is just such a program. It incorporates specific research-backed emotional and influential intelligence behaviors, attitudes, and actions that, when integrated into the fabric of your organization, result in paradigm shifts that allow for more effective and lasting connections with employees, vendors, clients, customers, stakeholders and decision makers to further your organization's mission, vision, and objectives as you emerge from the chaos into the New Normal.

The Executive Leadership Alchemy Strategic Mentoring Program is your answer to those "new normal" and "old normal" challenges if…

  • Your senior leaders (C-Suite Executive, Vice-President, GM, or Director) and direct reports need to demonstrate empathy as the new virtual workforce takes shape

  • Your leaders have wrestled with lost productivity and employee disengagement costs but doesn’t know by how much or how to fix it

  • Your senior leaders need to be on board with virtual/remote employee teams as part of the new business workplace

  • Your senior leaders need to prioritize employee wellbeing to provide assurance that the organization has their best interests going forward

  • Your leaders must learn modeling individual resilience even in the face of readjustments, realignments, and reorganization.

  • Your leaders need emotional/influential intelligence skills to be effective with engaging others, exhibiting empathy, building trust, ensuring employee well being, and .

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David Vliet, CEO 

Lifelong Medical Care Clinic Network of California

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