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Donn LeVie Jr. is recognized for being an engaging, provocative, and

insightful speaker whose conference keynotes, breakouts, and seminars equip attendees with ready-to-use influence language tactics in the workplace for getting proposals or initiatives approved, gaining buy-in from others, and landing a long-awaited promotion.

His expertise and experience with applications of influence language has made him an in-demand keynote speaker and seminar leader at national and international conferences, panel discussions, and corporate strategic work sessions.


Donn's approach expertly links root causes, consequences, and common sense, by concentrating on the impact that company culture and cognitive factors have on learning to apply Influential Intelligence as a leadership strategy.

Donn is available for:

  • Media Interviews

  • Conferences and Association meetings  

  • Lectures

  • Panels

  • Retreats

  • Board and Executive Strategic Work Sessions 

All of Donn's conference programs include 30 days of follow-on content for attendees

Donn offers program information in six languages to address the challenges companies around the world are facing in a post-pandemic environment

7 Reasons to Hire Donn for Your Next Event

Donn's conference keynotes and seminars boost your ROI and extend the Return on Event beyond the closing ceremonies. Find out how he can do that for your virtual conference or meeting (and live when "normal" conditions return) with his high takeaway value keynotes and programs on using Influential and Persuasive Intelligence in your organization.

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Donn updates his signature keynote titles and content to reflect the latest information on the use of Influential and Persuasive Intelligence.

Donn's provocative, thought-provoking, and insightful keynotes on Influential and Persuasive Intelligence and building strong leadership brand platforms provide audiences with paradigm-shifting strategies for immediate implementation in the New Normal workplace!

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Donn's conference workshops and seminars always leave audiences with immediate takeaway persuasion and influence strategies, techniques, and tools they can use to get heard, get noticed, and get HUGE results--AND they get 30 days of follow-on content to help ensure new habits, ideas, and strategies take hold.

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PODCAST AND RADIO HOSTS: Schedule Donn for interviews to help your audience get heard, get noticed, and get E.P.I.C. Results HERE! 

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