What you will take away from this Masterclass:

  • 4 Elements of a Strong Leadership Platform: Your platform is the foundation of your branded value and expertise, and THAT helps you get seen and be heard by decision makers

  • 4 Key Foundation Pillars of a Reliable, Proven Process: You can't make headway with your leadership trajectory by constantly reinventing the wheel; you must have a reliable, repeatable process to accelerate your leadership trajectory in the New Normal

  • 3-Phase Engagement Implementation Strategy: Learn how to get in the heads of decision makers early and stay there to make you the preferred choice for that position, promotion, or project

  • No. 1 Technique for Getting Decision Makers to Ask: "How do you do that?”: A value proposition by itself is a one-way street to a dead end; learn how to first set up your value proposition that engages decision makers in conversation and gets them to buy in to your branded value & expertise

  • Secret to Staying “Top of Mind” with Decision Makers: Discover how to power your "Continuum of Belief" through discussions, engagements, and negotiations with decision makers to seal any deal, snag any client, win any contract, land any job, or lead any post-COVID-19 initiative

  • 4 Ways You Can Transform Yourself from Good to GREAT as a Re-Emergent Leader: The days of "one and done" virtual and live leadership training are over! The Re-Emergent Leader is one who will need individualized mentoring, frequent personally tailored feedback, a "VisionShift", and hands-on reinforcement of new behaviors, attitudes, and approaches.

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