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We know the anxiety that external circumstances (like a global pandemic) can create for your organization and its employees. We led teams before and after 9/11 and during the 2008-2011 recession when uncertainty — even chaos at times — ruled the day.

We are no strangers to uncertainty.

But what happens if you don't have a solid strategy in place for deploying effective leadership in times like these?


More anxiety and stress, right

Let us put your mind at ease. The Executive Leadership Excelerator® approach forms the core of a repeatable, reliable, and proven system developed over 30 years to help you better engage, influence, and convert decision makers, peers, and others as allies, advocates, champions, clients, or customers.


At the same time, our approach elevates your leadership trajectory while sharpening your message of branded value, expertise, and persuasive influence.  

Unlike most other individual and group coaching/mentoring programs out there, we offer noise-cancelling pathways to your leadership growth, influence, and success.

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Strategic Leadership Excelerator®

Take advantage of the invisible internal opportunities (or create your own) that always accompany turbulent, challenging times and are available for those who dare to take charge of their career and their future. 

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Influencer and Thought Leader Excelerator® 

Build and promote your branded value and expertise to break out of the crowd of "experts" and create a strong reputation and brand as an Influencer and Thought Leader in your company, your profession, and industry.

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Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity

Your platform is the position in the company or marketplace you occupy where people look to you for branded value and expertise. Learn strategies for building out that platform and having others boost the equity of your brand. 

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Elevate In-House Team Performance

  • Group coaching/mentoring empowers and elevates leadership skills in a safe space with a trusted advisor/coach.

  • Bring together employees with shared job functions but unique goals

  • Encourage authenticity and transparency for strong connections

  • Scalable for in-place teams or cross-functional ad hoc teams

  • Easily integrated and layered into your existing professional development initiatives