Corporate Intensives

Applying Intelligent Influence™ to challenge and empower your workforce

The E.P.I.C. Results™ five-day Corporate Intensive Program shows leaders at three different levels how to expertly apply Intelligent Influence™ to real-world problems that challenge, empower, and elevate the value of your workforce.

The hands-on, interactive seminar format at the client site for emerging leaders, mid-level directors and managers, and senior executives. All intensives include attendee follow up with additional material (PDFs, videos, checklists, white papers) at frequent intervals over 3 months to reinforce new attitudes, behaviors, and practices.

Donn shares how to develop a value proposition that turns you into a brand ambassador.


Intelligent Influence

Working with Engagementality and Connectworking

This program prepares emerging and high-potential individuals with influential and persuasive intelligence strategies for keeping employee engagement and productivity at peak levels and learning how to avoid behaviors that introduce costly revenue leaks.


Participants learn the essence of  Engagementality  and Connectworking to build familiarity and trust in their expanding circle of influence, authority, and responsibility.

This one-day intensive (live and virtual) is an interactive facilitated group session limited to a maximum of 25 participants.


Enhancing Your

Leadership Platform
and Leadership Brand

Applications of 

Intelligent Influence™

This portion of the corporate intensive is a high energy, paradigm-shifting program designed for preparing managers for greater business/ leadership effectiveness using Donn’s signature E.P.I.C. Results™  Program (Engage-Position-Influence-Convert). Every leader has a leadership platform, which is the position in the company that leader occupies where people look to him or her for their strategic expertise.

This program shows managers and leaders the necessary skills, tactics, and strategies for enhancing their leadership platform and building their leadership brand equity within their company.

Experienced leaders and managers with executive-level aspirations will want to strengthen those skills and qualities for thriving in a competitive senior executive environment.

This two-day interactive facilitated group session (live and virtual) is limited to a maximum 25 participants.cipants.





Influencer and

Thought Leader Masterclass

This portion of the corporate intensive session is for your senior leaders and executives who must move beyond "seeing around the corner" to "seeing over the horizon."  

This two-day interactive facilitated group session is limited to a maximum 25 participants.


This portion covers the eight essential elements leading to being referred to as an Influencer and Thought Leader which includes the qualities that characterize visionary leadership in the new paradigm of stakeholder management.

Includes participant workbook, textbook, and audio version.


Our Corporate Intensives can be integrated into your existing curriculum:

  • Corporate Leadership Development initiatives

  • M&A / Corporate Reorganization initiatives

  • Corporate University Programming

  • Industry Symposium Initiatives

  • Employee Professional Development

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“I learned quite a bit from Donn's program about the cutting edge on how I’m going to promote my branded leadership expertise and value, how I’m going to take things forward to show that I’m open, I’m connected, and I’m the right person to take the decision making for risk mitigation to the next level.”


michael dunlop.png

— Michael Dunlop

Head of Investigations 

Financial Crime Threat Mitigation,

HSBC Bank Middle East, Ltd.