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Thought-Provoking Programs

Donn's provocative, thought-provoking, and insightful programs on intelligent leadership influence and building strong leadership brand platforms provide audiences with paradigm-shifting strategies for immediate implementation in the emerging workplace.

As companies and employees adjust to the re-energized business environment and workplace, Donn can share how high-performers can elevate their "influence quotient" and influential intelligence skills to address the rising demand for people who exhibit creativity, collaboration, creative thinking, and curiosity in the dispersed workplace.

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"Becoming the Trusted Advisor for Others"

In this general session program from an administrative assistants conference, Donn highlights a key factor for being a trusted advisor: People choose to do business with you, hire you, promote you, or buy from you for two reasons — you help them get what they want or need better than anyone else, and they believe you and trust you.

"Client Audience Testimonials"


In this short video, you'll hear from several individuals who participated in the popular "Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity" masterclass at a global conference in Las Vegas. Their comments reflect the typical immediate takeaway value audiences receive from Donn's conference keynotes, breakouts, and corporate masterclasses. 

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