Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity

The Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity Program is for current and high-potential leaders. This program will share tools and strategies for boosting your visibility, niche authority, proven influence, and focusing on those others who have a need for your branded leadership value and expertise.

When all four of these cylinders are firing, you've created a strong "unfair advantage" — which is simply how your communicated leadership brand equity renders all other competitors irrelevant. You’ll also learn how to elevate your emotional and influential leadership intelligence.

Everyone has a professional platform upon which they build their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, and networks.  A leadership platform is the position in a market, company, association, or profession that an individual or an organization occupies where people look to them for their strategic expertise. Brand equity is the applied value – the “polish” – customers, clients, peers, decision makers, and others put on that brand that helps increase shareholder value.


“Extremely informative, and great fun. Donn offered fresh strategies to position your leadership brand for the future. I highly recommend 'Building Your Professional Leadership Platform and Brand Equity.'"

Patrick Eichenberg
Sr. Manager Global Security & Investigations, TD Bank Group