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Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity for Success

AUDIENCE: Directors, Executives who want to enhance their leadership platform and boost their brand equity.


ADVANCE PREPARATION: Leadership self-assessment

DELIVERY METHOD: 2.5 days for live, in-person group (max of 25 attendees). See below for virtual. 

The Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity Program is for current and high-potential leaders. This program will share tools and strategies for boosting your visibility, niche authority, proven influence, and focusing on those others who have a need for your branded leadership value and expertise.

When all four of these cylinders are firing, you've created a strong "unfair advantage" — which is simply how your communicated leadership brand equity stands above all others. You’ll also learn how to elevate your emotional and influential leadership intelligence.

Everyone has a professional platform upon which they build their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, and networks.  A leadership platform is a position in a market, company, association, or profession that an individual or an organization occupies where people look to them for their strategic expertise. Brand equity is the applied value – the “polish” – customers, clients, peers, decision makers, and others put on that brand that helps increase shareholder value.

How Our Virtual Programs Are Presented

Using a combination of pre-recorded video presentations for content and live virtual meetings for Q&A, discussion, and exercises means employees don't have to commit hours or days away from other project priorities. They can view the pre-recorded videos at more convenient times in their schedules (preferably before the scheduled Zoom strategy session calls for that section) over 6 weeks in a virtual group strategy session. Live in-person options (generally 2.5 days, some 5 days) include 30 days of follow-up content to reinforce new strategies and skills. The combination of pre-recorded videos and live virtual strategy sessions actually produces better learning reinforcement than crowding information over several days.


“Extremely informative, and great fun. Donn offered fresh strategies to position your leadership brand for the future. I highly recommend 'Building Your Professional Leadership Platform and Brand Equity.'"

Patrick Eichenberg
Sr. Manager Global Security & Investigations, TD Bank Group

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