Top Holistic Relationships Layer


Expanded Relationship Health Layer


Focus on Work Relationships


More About Donn's Approach

My approach is informed by a Christian worldview. None of my former or current clients or audiences have ever taken issue with how my Christian worldview guides how I serve them as a trusted advisor. If you are uncomfortable or have some issue with how my foundational beliefs direct my efforts to help make you more successful, then I'm afraid we will not be a good fit for working together. 

Top Holistic Relationships Layer


The top figure illustrates how for many of us the three major universal spheres of our lives (relationship health, mind/body health, and spiritual health) intersect. All three spheres are actualized by one's own set of particular presuppositions and worldview.

Each of the three spheres consists of three integral, key components. For our purposes, we are focused on Relationship Health. 


Expanding the Relationship Health Layer


This middle illustration highlights the various relationships we all have with other people through work, family relationships, and relationships with others. 

Focusing on Work Relationships


The bottom illustration focuses on three important work relationships leaders have with others: Subordinate relationships, relationships with peers, and relationships with executives or board members. 


Let's have a conversation about how we can work together to address the nine critical components of subordinate relationships, peer relationships, and executive relationships through my coaching and consulting programs.