One-Day Influence Intensives

Implementing Influential Intelligence™ (i

Working with Engagementality™ and Connectworking™

This program prepares emerging and high-potential leaders with influential and persuasive intelligence strategies who are responsible for keeping employee engagement and productivity at peak levels and learning how to avoid behaviors that introduce costly revenue leaks.


Participants learn the essence of Engagementality and Connectworking to build familiarity and trust in their expanding circle of influence, authority, and responsibility.

This off-site intensive is a facilitated group session limited to a maximum of 25 participants.




Enhancing Your Leadership Platform and Leadership Brand

Applications of Influential Intelligence™

This one-day intensive is a high energy, paradigm-shifting program designed for preparing managers for greater business/ leadership effectiveness using Donn’s signature E.P.I.C. Results™  Program (Engage-Position-Influence-Convert). Every leader has a leadership platform, which is the position in the company that leader occupies where people look to him or her for their strategic expertise.

This program shows managers and leaders the necessary skills, tactics, and strategies for enhancing their leadership platform and building their leadership brand equity within their company.

Experienced leaders and managers with executive-level aspirations will want to strengthen those skills and qualities for thriving in a competitive senior executive environment.

Giving a Presentation

"Loved Donn's presentation on Influential and Persuasive Intelligence [at the 2019 ACFE Global Fraud Conference]. Definitely the seminar I have the most notes for!'

Justin Davis, CFE

Fraud and BSA Manager, Digital Federal Credit Union

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