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What Your People Pleaser Score Means


If Your Score Lies Between 70 and 100:

You are excessively dependent on other people’s opinion about you. If someone mistreats you or looks down on you, you automatically blame yourself. You tend to get caught up in this unproductive cycle and may feel worn out, depressed and anxious. As it was mentioned above, there are a lot of problems with this approach. Your chronic people pleasing doesn’t get you the results you want because

  • You either end up getting used by lazy and/or manipulative people, or

  • You cannot connect with other (healthy) people because they don’t feel like they know the real you.


If Your Score Lies Between 40 and 69:

While you are not a chronic people pleaser, you do sacrifice a lot. You may be very assertive with some people in your life while being treated like a doormat by some others. It is very likely that you find it difficult to assert yourself with some of the most important people in your life — your spouse, your children or some family members. You are draining out of energy and feel very resentful.


If Your Score Lies Between 25 and 39:

You must be a warm and considerate person without being needy or desperate. You believe that to be able to take care of others, your own needs should be met first. There are times when you give more than you take and there are times when you withhold your opinions for the sake of diplomacy. Overall, however, you are your own best friend, and you attend to others as time and energy permit.

If Your Score Lies Between 24 and 20:

You are an independent thinker with a healthy sense of your own worth. You handle criticism effectively either by treating it as useful feedback or by simply dismissing it when irrelevant. This helps you achieve your goals and treat your failures as learning experiences. You aren’t particularly concerned about being diplomatic and some people may resent you for not being sensitive or considerate enough.

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