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Emerging from Chaos: Are Your Leaders and Executive Prepared for the New "Normal"?

The global pandemic has reset the way people do business going forward. There will be adjustments to entire business paradigms as the "work environment" and the "office" undergo radical redefinition. Then there are the more profound challenges as companies work through immediate, near-term, and long-term priorities:

  • "What's most pressing for the next two weeks?" (responding to the chaos)

  • "How do we keep the doors open through the next 6 months?" (surviving the chaos)

  • "How do we adjust our course with our operations, supply chain, and revenue channels?" (recovering from the chaos)

  • "How do we extend profitability in the 'New Normal'"? (emerging out of the chaos)

  • "What does our long-term vision, mission, and value proposition look like?" (accelerating out of the chaos)

The Scratches You Haven't Been Able to Itch Before Are STILL THERE

While the basic corporate operational and infrastructure challenges going into the New Normal may stuff meeting agendas for some time to come, companies everywhere must still address the issues that have plagued profitability and shareholder value for years:

  • Retention of high-performing employees

  • Employee disengagement and lost productivity

  • Concerns about "dark" leadership practices at executive levels

  • Need for more emotionally intelligent leadership

  • Developing innovative cultures

  • Leadership succession planning

  • Working more closely with stakeholders vs. only shareholders

  • Rapidly evolving strategies for disruptive technologies

  • Whole brain (analytical and soft skills) leadership

  • Lack of influencers and thought leaders at the executive leadership level

8-Week Executive Accelerator for Your High-Achieving Leaders and Executives

The 8-Week “Executive Accelerator for High-Achieving Professionals” group Strategic Mentoring Program isn't an off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill, leadership flavor-of-the-month program. It enhances what you already do well with your own leadership development training. The Executive Accelerator approach is focused on upward-bound leaders and executives who gravitate to higher levels of accountability, authority, and responsibility.*  

The Executive Accelerator program incorporates specific beliefs, behaviors, and action that, when integrated into the fabric of the organization, result in paradigm shifts that allow for more effective and lasting connections with employees, vendors, clients, customers, stakehholders and decision makers in furthering your organization's mission, vision, and objectives.

In short, it will help get your leaders and executives from where they are now professionally to where they want to be—sooner than later. 

The Executive Accelerator Program includes the following:

  • One weekly group strategy call and one weekly individual action/accountability call with Donn (recorded and audio file provided)  

  • Unlimited email access to Donn

  • Social media strategy for expanding visibility/authority/effectiveness in your company

  • Private LinkedIn Group where assignments are uploaded for Donn's review


Results You Can Expect from this Program


  • Personally directed strategies, tactics, methodologies and approaches aimed specifically for your leaders and executives

  • Incorporate Donn's highly successful "E.P.I.C. Results™" (Engage-Position-Influence-Convert) process to gain allies, advocates, champions, clients, and customers regardless of your industry and current position

  • Immediately implement ideas to help boost your transition from leader to Influencer and on to Thought Leader

  • Before/During/After self-assessments to gauge your progress, identify and fix blind spots, and enhance your expertise and leadership strengths


Take the next step today to make your high-achieving leaders and executives better prepared to address the old (and the new) challenges that await you as you emerge from the chaos. Contact us to schedule 


*Dates and times of phone calls may have to be adjusted due to my speaking or travel schedule .