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Work with Donn 1:1 to Elevate Your Performance Trajectory TODAY

Virtual Strategic Mentoring is Immune from the Effects of Coronavirus!

Don't Let Travel Restrictions and Conference Cancellations Stop Your Career Trajectory

The travel and events industries are suffering cutbacks and cancellations from the threat of the Coronavirus, but that doesn't mean you have to stop pursuing furthering your professional advancement!


Experts Like You are the Ones Who Benefit the Most from Personal Strategic Mentoring

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has one; Steph Curry of the World NBA Champs Golden State Warriors has one. Both star athletes feel they wouldn’t be at the top of their game without them. What do they and countless other star performers have to make them great and stay great?

A personal coach and strategic mentor.


For too long, coaching has been likened to tutoring, a remedial approach for improving performance, but that’s no longer true. Strategic mentoring takes coaching to the next level. It's all about enhancing your performance as well as identifying your performance blind spots. Strategic mentoring is most effective when applied to those like yourself -- leaders who are already excelling!

A strategic mentor can be an incredible asset to someone like yourself who is committed to excellence. If you are serious about boosting your executive leadership performance, a strategic mentor is a must for your future success.


60-Day Executive Accelerator for High-Achieving Professionals Program

The 60-day “Executive Accelerator for High-Achieving Professionals” individual Strategic Mentoring Program will help get you from where you are now professionally to where you want to be—sooner than later.

  • One weekly strategy call and one weekly action/accountability call* (recorded and audio file provided)  

  • Unlimited email access to Donn

  • Social media strategy for expanding visibility/authority in your profession, company, or target market


Results You Can Expect from this Program


  • Personally directed strategies, tactics, methodologies and approaches aimed specifically for your professional advancement

  • Incorporate Donn's highly successful "E.P.I.C. Results™" (Engage-Position-Influence-Convert) process to gain allies, advocates, champions, clients, and customers regardless of your industry and current position

  • Immediately implement ideas to help boost your transition from leader to Influencer and on to Thought Leader

  • Before/During/After self-assessments to gauge your progress, identify and fix blind spots, and enhance your expertise and leadership strengths


You can start the program anytime; take the next step today to closing the gap that exists between your potential and your leadership performance! Complete the program application form and then schedule a 30-minute interview with Donn to determine how we will make this 8-week program work for you beyond your expectations. 


*Dates and times of phone calls may have to be adjusted due to my speaking or travel schedule .