5 Signs You Suffer from Career Entropy®

Updated: Mar 3


If you remember your high school or college chemistry classes, entropy is that state that exists where the energy feeding a system is shut off. It is a state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty.

Your career and your professional brand can suffer from entropy. Early in your working life you may have been actively involved with professional, social, religious, or community organizations. The excitement of working in a profession that you devoted at least four or more years of your student life to fuels your drive to achieve and excel. As your career matures, maybe you’ve let up on the gas pedal just a little; maybe you find yourself being distracted by things you would have ignored before.

5 signs that your career universe is slowing down to a crawl:

  1. You aren’t involved with professional associations to the same level as you once were. You don’t read the journals anymore; your attendance at chapter meetings has been hit or miss; you don’t go to as many conferences as you used to, you thought about submitting an article for publication, but it’s too much trouble – maybe you let your membership lapse completely.

  2. You’ve exchanged your “consultant” attitude for an “employee” attitude. You’re starting to find yourself cutting corners on the quality of your work, unnecessarily pushing out schedules, or just skating by with a lower level of effort than before.

  3. Your level of brand building social media activity has decreased or changed direction. You are spending less time on networking sites such as LinkedIn,  and cranking out fewer blog posts, and putting more effort into social sites. (True, there’s too much of that seeping into networking sites now).

  4. You’ve been bypassed more than once for a promotion or raise. Before you start thinking “conspiracy,” look in the mirror and perform an honest assessment about your performance at work. The truth is out there.

  5. You have an itch you can’t scratch. Maybe that restlessness, that full stall you find yourself going into is a signal that you need a change. Start with a check on your self-motivation, and it that's firing on all cylinders, maybe it's time to think of a different job, company, or career. Truly evaluate your current situation and future prospects; if you feel that they can’t pay you enough to be miserable, it's time to move on.

To paraphrase an old saying, if you ain’t moving forward, you’re moving backwards. Or maybe it was no matter where you go, there you are…

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