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Those Itches You Couldn’t Scratch Before the Pandemic Are Still There…

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Employee Disengagement and Lost Productivity Will Always Be With You

While the basic corporate operational and infrastructure challenges coming out of the pandemic may crowd meeting agendas for some time to come, such focus and priorities are essential, but there’s more to it than that.

Companies everywhere must still address the issues that have plagued profitability and shareholder value for years—and will continue to do so:

  1. There’s more to it because you still must retain your high-performing employees

  2. There’s more to it because you still must address employee disengagement and lost productivity

  3. There’s more to it because you still need emotionally intelligent leaders

  4. There’s more to it because you must still develop innovative cultures

  5. There’s more to it because leadership succession planning is still a challenge

  6. There’s more to it because there’s more pressure from social-conscious investors for you to work closer with stakeholders vs. only shareholders

  7. There’s more to it because disruptive technologies demand rapidly evolving strategies

  8. There’s more to it because of the need for whole brain (analytical and soft skills) leadership

  9. There’s more to it because you still need influencers and thought leaders at the executive leadership level

Frontline leaders are the primary bond between your company and your people, where they manage more than 80% of the workforce. These people are the defining factor between success and failure. What’s more, according to Development Dimensions International (DDI), the global 60% of frontline leaders have never received training for their role, so they’re likely feeling anxious, frustrated, uncertain, and unprepared. And that’s without the added stress of a looming recession.

t suggestions can you provide that your organization is doing to combat the factors influencing engagement and productivity?


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