Executive Influence Excelerator® Programs

Executive Influence Excelerator Coaching Options 
Executive Influence Excelerator Package

The Executive Influence Excelerator Package consists of a series of 5 Excelerator Masterclasses offered over four-week intervals for a 25-week engagement (one week between Masterclasses).

Conference Seminars

Donn LeVie Jr. is an engaging, provocative, and insightful presenter whose content equips attendees with ready-to-use influence language tactics in the workplace for getting proposals or initiatives approved, gaining buy-in from clients and customers, and with proven techniques for shaping remarkable work environments for remarkable results.

His expertise and experience with applications of influence language and key factors of the behavioral sciences have made him an in-demand speaker and seminar leader at national and international conferences, panel discussions, and corporate strategic work sessions.

Conference Keynotes

Donn's provocative, thought-provoking, and insightful keynotes on Influential and Persuasive Intelligence and building strong leadership brand platforms provide audiences with paradigm-shifting strategies for immediate implementation in the emerging psychologically empowered workplace.

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"Donn LeVie's experience positions him to be an invaluable resource for association executives, meeting professionals, and professional development managers who need an informative, entertaining keynote speaker or seminar leader."

Bruce Dean, Former State Prosecutor and Investigative Management Consultant

We know the anxiety that external circumstances (like a global pandemic) can create for your organization and its employees. We led teams before and after 9/11 and during the 2008-2011 recession when uncertainty — even chaos at times — ruled the day.

We are no strangers to uncertainty.

But what happens if you don't have a solid strategy in place for deploying effective leadership in times like these?


More anxiety and stress, right

Let us put your mind at ease. The Executive Leadership Excelerator® approach forms the core of a repeatable, reliable, and proven system developed over 30 years to help you better engage, influence, and convert decision makers, peers, and others as allies, advocates, champions, clients, or customers.


At the same time, our approach elevates your leadership trajectory while sharpening your message of branded value, expertise, and persuasive influence.  

Unlike most other individual and group coaching/mentoring programs out there, we offer noise-cancelling pathways to your leadership growth, influence, and success.

Typical Timeline for an Executive Influence Excelerator Masterclass

Each of the five masterclasses in the Executive Influence Excelerator Package runs over a four-week interval that includes upfront pre-recorded video content and support materials, a live virtual presentation, a follow-up meeting, program bonus information, or ongoing reinforcement/support options. 


Our corporate Executive Influence Excelerator Program can be integrated into your existing curriculum.

Let's schedule a conversation today.

  • Corporate Leadership Development initiatives

  • M&A / Corporate Reorganization initiatives

  • Corporate University Programming

  • Industry Symposium Initiatives

  • Employee/Member Professional Development

Donn's Approach

Donn specializes at the intersection of leadership, communication, and performance, which means he works with teams of high-achieving leaders and executives like yours through the doorway of transformative strategic work sessions and group or individual leadership coaching so that you experience higher performance, better productivity, and remarkable financial results with strong shareholder value.

Why You Should Have a Conversation with Donn


Unlike most experts in the leadership coaching and consulting space:


  • Donn doesn’t do “training” for training’s sake but instead offers results-driven outcomes and followup that elevate executive influence.

  • His 33-plus years’ experience leading and managing people and projects affirms the radical real-time relevance his approach and programs offer.

  • He knows the issues firsthand that block communication from being persuasive, influential, actionable, and memorable.

  • Donn's time in the trenches building and developing strategies that engage others, better position authority, and influence decision makers has been adopted by clients and audiences in the public and private sectors.

  • He's been a practitioner in federal government agencies, private organizations, professional associations, and academia.

  • Donn won’t work with uncoachable executives and leaders.

  • He offers an exclusive focus on building executive presence and influence.

  • He realizes that transformational leadership is a series of micro-commitments made over time to reinforce new behaviors and attitudes.

  • Donn knows how hard it is to implement behavior change for stellar results.

  • He knows that you know the ROI from leadership coaching and mentoring shows up in behavior change.

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