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How much is lost productivity and disengagement costing your organization?

You don't know if you don't measure.

How much could your organization be affected by toxic leadership, lost productivity, and employee disengagement? It's more than you think and just because it's not a budget line item doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


Just enter the numbers in the Disengagement Cost Detector to find out how much poor leadership influence and persuasion skills are costing your organization. 

FREE Articles for Newsletter Editors

Getting association members to contribute articles for newsletters or association journals on or before (or even after) editorial deadlines can put association editors under a lot of stress. That's why Donn created the FREE Article Bank for you to use for your association publications. These articles focus on related leadership and influence strategies and principles so that readers can extract immediate, put-into-action value from them.


The articles are in Word format so you can do a "light" edit. All articles are copyright © Donn LeVie Jr./Donn LeVie Jr. STRATEGIES, LLC.

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A "permission to reprint" form can be found on the first page of each article page. Please ensure you understand the terms of the permission to reprint. 

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