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Are You Reading for Coaching?

less than 60% — NOT READY

60 to 70%


>70% — READY

By participating in this brief self-assessment, you have taken a step towards determining whether you qualify as one of Donn's coaching clients.  If your coaching readiness score is below 36/60 (60%), you are not ready for coaching at this time. 

If your coaching readiness score is between 36/60 and 42/60 (between 60 and 70%), you may want to re-examine your readiness for coaching.

If your coaching readiness score is above 42/60 (70%), you are ready to deploy Leadership Excelerator Coaching to optimize — not just manage or improve — your results. My priority is to guide you to focus your energy on its highest and best use.

Leadership Excelerator Coaching helps you realize:

  • Your main job in this life is to be your best self.

  • Every situation is an opportunity to be your best.

  • The future belongs to those like you who bring their best to the present.

  • Your work and relationships are vehicles to put your best self in charge of the future you want.


Questions to Consider:

  • What is the most important goal you want to achieve from coaching?

  • What are the benefits to be gained/losses to be avoided by achieving this goal?

  • On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 = not important and 10 = absolutely imperative, how important is it for you to achieve this goal?

  • If you don't achieve this goal, what will it cost you and/or your organization?

Is your score greater than 70%? If so, then you're a perfect fit and ready for Executive Influence Excelerator Coaching; if your score is between 60 and 70%, then book a call with Donn to see how he can help you get to being a great fit for Executive Influence Excelerator Coaching. 

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