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Individual Grit Results

Compare your compiled score with the percentiles listed below to see if you have more or less grit than others. For example, if you scored at least 45, you have more grit than 90% of test takers.* 

YOUR SCORE    25       30        33       35        38      39        41       43       45

PERCENTILE        10%     20%      30%     40%      50%     60%      70%     80%     90% 

This assessment was designed by Angela Duckworth, the Christopher H. Brown Distinguished Professor of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the founder and CEO of Character Lab. She is the author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (Scribner, 2016). 


High achievers in all types of endeavors have extraordinary stamina. Even at the elite level of their game, they're always striving to put a sharper edge on their strengths and remove blind spots and weaknesses. Even if their work requires sacrifice, they remain dedicated to what they do without excuse or apology. They persevere. Even when easier paths tempt them, their commitment is rock-solid, firm, and steadfast. This remarkable focused concentration on performance is what many call "grit." 

The kind of resolute determination that distinguishes individuals with "true grit" demands a focused, aligned hierarchy of goals: lower-tier goals of specific, short-term tasks on a to-do list to help accomplish mid-tier goals, such as coordinating team or department client/customer projects. The top-tier goal is an overarching, conceptual, and crucial one that provides the direction, importance, and significance that drives the gritty individual.


Download this Briefing to learn more about building gritty resilience and grit into your executive leadership.    

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