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How much could your organization be affected by toxic leadership, Dark leaders, lost productivity, and disengagement? Just enter the numbers in the REVENUE LEAKAGE DETECTOR to find out. 

1. Enter number of company employees

2. Click in the "0.17" field

3. Result returned is number of disengaged employees

4. Scroll down to enter average hourly rate

5. Enter average number of work hours per week

6. Click anywhere in the large grey box to discover potential annual revenue leakage for one disengaged employee and the total leakage for all disengaged employees

Don't like those numbers?

Call Donn at 512-797-3035 TODAY if your revenue leakage is $500,000 or more

Find out how to decrease revenue leakage by 50% or more in six months through the art of influence and persuasion by working with emotional intelligence.