See how much disengagement  and lost productivity is costing YOUR organization... 

Business doesn't need a pandemic to be concerned about disengagement and lost productivity because they are part of the cost of doing's a question of how much it's costing your organization. For example, a small company of 50 employees earning an average of $30/hour is loosing more than $180,000 annually to active and passive disengagement. Who can afford that?

What are YOUR numbers?

​1. Enter number of company employees

2. Click in the "0.17" field

3. Result returned is number of disengaged employees

4. Scroll down to enter average hourly rate

5. Enter average number of work hours per week and press ENTER

6. The results reveal the potential annual cost for one disengaged employee and the total cost for all disengaged employees in your organization.


Without the right metrics in place to measure engagement and productivity, maybe you don't know what you don't know...

What if you think your numbers for the total organization are only 50% of the calculated THAT sustainable year after year?

If your annual cost of all disengaged employees is at least $250,000, would you be willing to invest $50,000 to eliminate that lost revenue each year?

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