Donn's provocative, thought-provoking, and insightful keynotes on influential and persuasive intelligence and building strong leadership brand platforms provide audiences with paradigm-shifting strategies for immediate implementation in the emerging workplace.

Donn shares how high-performers can elevate their "influence quotient" and influential intelligence skills to address the rising demand for people who exhibit creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and curiosity in the dispersed or hybrid workplace.

Donn bundles a 90-minute breakout session with each keynote so your general-session audience has the option to learn more details mentioned during the keynote.



When conference audiences want more influence and persuasion strategies beyond the keynote and breakout session, Donn's value-packed full-day pre-and post-conference in-depth masterclasses will definitely do that and more. Attendees leave techniques for elevating trajectories for their success back in the work environment.


Donn offers corporate masterclasses (in-person and virtual option) for leadership and executive teams to build on the four essentials of an empowered workplace: Curiosity, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. 

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Advisory Services

When your organization needs large-scale, in-depth management or leadership upskilling, our Strategic Advisory Services are ready to help you move forward faster with results-driven, tried-and-true packages. We offer four different, focused six-to-nine-month packages to help put a higher trajectory on enhancing leadership performance, influence, and connections.

Since the global pandemic, many organizations continue to struggle with their messaging to employees, shareholders, clients and customers. Believability and trust — the two most important gateways to influence and persuasion —continue to evade them. 


But if they don't hear it in the same way you say it, you don't have influence or persuasion. 

We can help with that. 

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You're in a leadership position and you need a higher trajectory and greater "exceleration" to overcome the hurdles, attitudes, and behaviors holding you back.  

Another year has gone by and you're probably trying to realign your leadership bearings. Maybe you’ve tried other coaching or mentoring programs, online courses, or simple off-the-shelf generic programs that were big on the hype but short on value. Or maybe you don't think coaching is for you.


Maybe you're ready to commit to change, not just someday, but starting right here, right now. In the meantime, your teams are waiting...

Donn offers four different Executive Leadership Influence Excelerator® coaching programs of varying duration for individual leaders, leadership teams, executives, and new leaders. There's something for all leaders, and you've Donn's 33-years of experience leading and managing in Fortune 100 companies to back it up.

Our corporate Executive Leadership Influence Excelerator® Programs
can be integrated into your existing curriculum

  • Corporate Leadership Development initiatives

  • M&A / Corporate Reorganization initiatives

  • Corporate University Programming

  • Industry Symposium Initiatives

  • Employee/Member Professional Development