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Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity

  • 9 videos (nearly 4 hours worth)
  • Downloadable examples, scripts, templates
  • MP3 files of each module
  • PDF audio transcriptions for each module
  • Private Facebook group were you can engage with other students and where Donn answers your questions 
  $99 per module or $219 for all 3 modules

The Building Your Leadership Platform and Brand Equity for Success Online Course gives you exactly what you need to say and what you need to do to move your leadership forward. You won’t be in a better position to leverage your expertise, your value, or your experience as your leadership progresses to positions of greater authority and accountability. There’s no better time than NOW to prepare to come out of the gate strong so that you:

  • Get into the heads of decision makers to keep your branded value and expertise top of mind and head up the preference list.

  • Raise your likeability factor with decision makers to rise above the chatter and noise from other candidates or competitors

  • Lock down an iron-clad strategy with your stellar accomplishments and professional platform to snag the interest, attention, and preference of decision makers

  • Sell the future benefits of your branded expertise to  give decision makers no choice but to give serious consideration to your leadership

  • Incorporate advanced brand strategies to let decision makers know they’re getting the problem solver and solutions provider who can help them get what they want or need

  • Fine-tune your performance strategy to provide the right responses to questions and ask questions that put YOU in future scenarios working with decision makers

  • Seal the deal with a post-discussion/interview strategy to allow social proof of your expertise to resonate with decision makers

  • Apply 6 key personal characteristics to enjoy a successful, rewarding career


  • Enhance Your Professional Platform: So you can solidify your authority and expertise in the marketplace that decision makers and hiring managers need.

  • Build Your Brand/Promoting Your Brand Equity: Designed to build the value of your branded value and expertise decision makers are always looking for.

  • Embrace the Unfair Advantage Paradigm: Learn what it takes to reduce your competition to irrelevant “also-rans” and get you to the front of the line or top of the list.


  • Use Your Cover Letter as a Weapon of Persuasion: Nearly 95% of cover letters fail to accomplish their purpose, which is to get an interview. Too often, they are a rehash of the résumé, but the entire process is never about you! Learn how to make your cover letter another weapon of persuasion in your arsenal of documented value and expertise. 

  • Position Your Expertise and Value: Ensure that decision makers understand how the future value of your expertise as a problem solver, solutions provider, or game changer will serve their needs with an achievement-focused, benefit-forward résumé.

  • Broadcast Social Proof of Your Branded Value and Expertise: Building and promoting your intellectual property so that decision makers are aware of how your proven track record of accomplishment is something they need to help them be successful in a competitive marketplace.


  • Launch a Pre-Engagement Strategy: Learn the approaches, tools, and techniques to connect with decision makers and hiring managers to create rapport, familiarity, and trust long before any interviews are scheduled.

  • Launch a Direct-Engagement Strategy: Apply “pre-suasion” approaches in direct meetings (in person or via video platforms) with decision makers that have them envisioning you already working together with them — before an offer is extened and while you control the interview!

  • Launch a Post-Engagement Strategy: Discover the fail-safe method Donn created that has helped hundreds of people get on the decision maker’s short list—and even get hired!

Download a PDF of this online course information.

Here are the results you’ll get from this online course

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