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Just Because You're a Good Leader Doesn't Make you a Good Coach

  • 9 videos 
  • Downloadable examples, scripts, templates
  • MP3 files of each module
  • PDF audio transcriptions for each module  

The Just Because You’re a Good Leader Doesn’t Make You a Good Coach Online Course reveals the thought patterns and behaviors associated with successful coaching outcomes within a corporate environment.

​This program is tailored for both new and experienced leaders moving into coaching roles in their organization.


  • Learn why—when stepping into coaching roles—doling out advice or solutions to problems often creates discord in the workplace and actually thwarts successful coaching outcomes.


  • Equipped with a fresh perspective on coaching effectiveness, leaders can learn how to restrain and even neutralize the impulse to step in with solutions and answers every time a problem is brought to them.

  • All too often, the solution to an individual employee problem is…the employee—especially when employees hear their own words reflected back by the coach, which can reveal behavioral motivations and limiting beliefs.

  • Learn about “field-tested” coaching tools that focus concentration, enhance engagement, and show people the value of self-discovery that often accompanies a vision shift, and becomes the catalyst for critical thinking or behavior change.

Module 1

Understanding Why Employee Coaching is Important Now 

  • Apply solutions-focused coaching strategies to employee or team member issues

  • Discover the change model that works best for different individuals and circumstances

  • Create the roadmap of change to build the road to success

Module 2

Conversations, Coaching Models, and Coaching Categories

  • Learn situational coaching approaches to employee challenges

  • Apply the GROW Model (with i-GROW and re-GROW phases) for use in employee coaching sessions

  • Discover tools for the coach’s toolbox (including real-time visual models)

Module 3

Putting Coaching Strategies and Tactics Into Practice

  • Understand the qualities of effective leader/coaches

  • Select coaching approaches for problem performers, high performers, and everyone else

  • Create the leader-as-coach game plan

Download a PDF of the information on this page.

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