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Persuasive Presentation Techniques for Technology Managers Masterclass

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This is THE PROGRAM that has the premier government investigative agency buzzing! That's right... 500 CPAs, investigators, and technology managers from this federal investigative agency (and dozens more in the inspector general's office) are singing the praises of Donn's program for understanding how to incorporate influence and persuasion strategies into presentations for all audience sizes to get them to take specific action.


It's not about PowerPoint or any other similar presentation design software—it's about knowing how people think and react to you and your message, and how to weave together concepts, stories, and lessons with both rational and emotional approaches to get people to act and respond positively!


*This program is for executives and leaders who are EXPERIENCED presenters and speakers.


Let's face it...just because you're a great leader doesn't make you a good coach. A major fallacy in leadership development is that coaching skills just come with the territory of being a leader or manager. In fact, executive and leaders serving as coaches is a specialized expertise that involves listening and encouraging employees to self-manage their roles in the organization.


It takes discipline to embrace an inquisitive approach to employee challenges and a good leader-coach lights the fires for creativity, collaboration, curiosity, and critical thinking. 

No other program offers proven approaches for reflective, transformative inquiry that result in more effective leadership!​


Everyone has a professional platform upon which they build their skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise. Your platform is the position in a market, profession, or company that you occupy where people look to you for influence or thought leadership. Companies seek game changers, solutions providers, and problem solvers with demonstrated accomplishments and achievements. How do these decision makers find such stellar talent? They seek out people who have visible professional platforms and high brand equity. 


Unlike other leadership programs, this program will give you the tools you need to build, reinforce, and display your leadership platform and brand equity to those who have a need for your leadership expertise. 

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