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Weapons of Influence: The Ultimate Career Success Formula

  • 3 Modules (7 videos, nearly 5 hours worth)
  • Downloadable examples, scripts, templates
  • MP3 files of each module
  • PDF audio transcriptions for each module  

Psychologist and author Robert Cialdini labeled techniques for influence and persuasion as "weapons of influence." In this online course, I have assembled an arsenal of influence weapons for career advancement, all of which I've used successfully over my career with hiring others — and when seeking other positions myself. 

This online career strategy online course is designed to get you to stop reinventing the wheel after every layoff or job change and replacing that inefficient process with a scalable, repeatable system of your own to keep you at the top of every decision maker's list. 

This course will show you how to:

  • Navigate the world of the decision maker so you can target an engagement strategy that addresses the issues and concerns that are important to them (remember: it's never about's always about them).

  • Stage the release of your "weapons of influence" (cover letter, résumé, supportive documents) through the hiring cycle to maintain high levels of interest in your branded value and expertise.

  • Play to the associative memory model in the brains of decision makers that keep your name and your brand top of mind throughout the hiring process.

  • Get others to promote the value your branded expertise provides (creating brand equity).

  • Rethink how you structure and use your cover letter as a weapon of influence ('s a marketing letter!) to get to the next step, which is an interview.

  • Restructure your résumé as a document highlighting how your value and expertise contribute to the higher strategic objectives of the organization.

  • Create and launch a portfolio of the social proof of your branded value and expertise throughout a hiring process.

  • Learn how to articulate impression management language to help you continue moving through the hiring cycle/process.

  • Apply simple psychological strategies and tactics that help you control the flow of any interview and how to use "pre-suasion" techniques  with decision makers to boost your chances of an offer.

  • Continue promoting your branded value, expertise, and play off a successful interview with post-interview strategies to keep up your momentum. 

  • Learn the one secret that you must use to tip the scales in your favor for job offer, promotion, or contract award.


WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: The Inside View of the Decision Maker’s World:

  • Learn the motivations, prejudices, and presuppositions that influence how decision makers evaluate potential candidates — so you can get on that short list—and how to play to them! 

  • Recognize the variables that weigh on the decision whether to send a candidate on to the next stage of the hiring process — and boost your odds of getting hired or promoted! 

WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: Create and Manage Your Professional Brand as Part of a Winning Career Strategy:

  • Define and identify the elements of a professional brand and generate positive associations in the minds of decision makers—to stay top of mind!

  • Get others to polish your professional brand image for you—get THEM to help promote your brand equity and value!


WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: Create a Cover Letter that Gets You the Job Interview:

  • Learn how to grab and hold a decision maker’s attention by rethinking the purpose of a cover letter as a type of marketing letter — to pique the interest of decision makers with linguistic and psychological tactics they can’t ignore!

WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: Create a Résumé that Gets You on the Short List:

  • Learn how to configure an achievement-focused résumé that speaks to exactly what hiring managers and decision makers are looking for — one that demands being called in for an interview! ​

WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: Create a Portfolio of Social Proof of Your Value and Expertise to Get the Job Offer:

  • Learn how to shape a portfolio of social proof of your branded value and expertise that address the decision maker’s motivations, needs, and wants—that keep you moving forward in the hiring process!


WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: You CAN Control the Job Interview Flow:

  • Learn how to apply impression management language and strategies—that help usher you to the next round in the hiring process!

  • Learn how to “ace” behavioral job interview questions, how to position yourself as already “hired” by asking the right questions of decision makers and — avoid the one Big Fail question most candidates don’t answer correctly!

WEAPONS OF INFLUENCE: The Post-Interview Strategy You MUST Know to Keep You at the Top of the Decision Maker’s Short List for ANY Offer:

  • Implement the “Trojan Horse Technique” that keeps your name and your branded value and expertise at the top of the list—long after interviews have ended right up to when the hiring/promotion/buying decision is made! 

  • Create the one little-known document that will seal the deal—and have you accepting (or rejecting!) job offers throughout your career!

Download a PDF of the information on this page.

Here are the results you'll get with this online course 

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