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Executive Leadership Alchemy Online Course

  • 3 Modules (8 videos)
  • Downloadable examples, scripts, templates
  • MP3 files of each module
  • PDF audio transcriptions for each module  

This online course reveals the elements of the "unfair advantage" which is a combination of the elements that constitute your professional brand equity, how you position yourself in your target market or profession, the widespread strategic distribution of social proof of your branded value and expertise, and how it all works together to give you influence with others. 

You'll discover key factors of these approaches:

  • Develop your executive leadership platform to get decision makers familiar with your brand and expertise

  • Obtain relevant credentials, awards, and honors to better position your leadership and influence authority

  • Target social media platforms where decision makers in your target market are active

  • Get decision makers to ask for more information about your proposal, services, ideas, or products

  • Broadcast your expertise and value through conferences, industry meetings, or industry initiatives

  • Learn how to get stellar LinkedIn endorsements and testimonials

  • Demonstrate how social proof of your expertise is a strong endorsement for the value of your influence

  • Develop your own scalable, repeatable process for successful engagement with decision makers

  • Put a higher trajectory and acceleration to your leadership progress

  • Apply a three-phase engagement strategy for engaging decision makers and creating advocates, allies, champions, clients or customers

  • Integrate custom "weapons of influence" documents in post-interview settings to keep your name, brand, and expertise top of mind


Create Your Compelling Professional Platform

  • Improve Your Professional Visibility  

  • Develop Your Professional Authority  

  • Grow Your Influential Intelligence™  

  • Refine Your Influence Targets  

 Build Your Brand to Decision Makers

  • Identify YOUR Brand Building Activities  

  • Capitalize on Your Best Brand Components  

  • Identify Channels for Your Brand  

  • Get Others to Help Build Brand Equity 


Laser Focus Your Expertise and Value

  • Identify What You Do Best  

  • Scout the Competition’s Positioning  

  • Create a Killer Value Proposition 

  • Increase Your Market Influence to Improve Positioning 

Getting Social Proof of Your Value and Expertise into Decision Makers Hands

  • Get Better LinkedIn Endorsements/Testimonials  

  • Generate Social Proof of Value and Expertise 

  • Broadcast Social Proof in the Right Channels 

  • Use Social Proof of Expertise/Value for Creating Influence  

Unleash the Unfair Advantage to Move You to the Front of the Line

  • Apply the 5 Primary Drivers of Paradigm 

  • Apply the Power of Decision 

  • Integrate E.P.I.C. Results© in Your Platform  

  • Step up to Influencer/Thought Leader status 


Amplify Your Pre-Engagement Strategy

  • Engage Decision Makers on Social Media

  • Initiate the Continuum of Belief™ Elements

  • Create Strong Associative Memory Models

  • Align with Issues Decision Makers Care About

Supercharge Your Direct Engagement Strategy  

  • Create the Attention-Grabbing Cover Letter

  • Design the Achievement-Focused Résumé

  • Control the Interview Questions

  • Overcome Decision Maker Objections


Boost Offers with a Post-Engagement Strategy

  • Apply the Trojan Horse Technique™

  • Identify Social Proof for Post-Engagement Use

  • Customize the “How I Add Value” Document

  • Other Influence-Generating Approaches

Download a PDF of the information on this page.

Here are the results you'll get from this online course

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