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Corporate Level Strategic Advisory Services (SAS)

When your organization needs large-scale, in-depth 
management or leadership upskilling, our Strategic Advisory Services are ready to help you move forward faster with results-driven, tried-and-true packages. We offer four different, focused six-to-nine-month programs (portions virtual and on site) to help put a higher trajectory on enhancing leadership performance, influence, and connections.

Executive Excelerator SAS Package

  • AUDIENCE: 5 essential Director-level executives reporting to a Vice President

  • FOCUS: Building strong people skills beyond technical skills

  • DURATION: Approximately 6- to 9-month client engagement

Executive Excelerator Package/Timeline

Leadership Team Excelerator
SAS Package
  • AUDIENCE: Eight to 10 Director-level or above leaders

  • FOCUS: usiness unit experiencing significant change

  • DURATION: Approximately 6- to 9-month client engagement

Leadership Team Excelerator Package/Timeline

"Managementality®" Excelerator SAS Package
  • AUDIENCE: 40 to 50 manager-level or above employees

  • FOCUS: "Essential" skills for higher leadership positions

  • DURATION: Approximately 6- to 9-month client engagement

Managementality® Excelerator Package/Timeline

Leadership Excelerator Online
SAS Package
  • AUDIENCE: 5,000 full-time global employees

  • FOCUS: Leadership influence skills for emergent and established leaders, team leaders, managers

  • DURATION: Approximately 6- to 9-month timeline. Online training access for 2 years. Use of training by ~500 corporate headquarters employees

Leadership Excelerator Online Package/Timeline

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