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First, the award-winning book; now the virtual mentoring program

"Donn LeVie has redefined excellence in the career management book category. Get ready to dog-ear the pages in Strategic Career Engagement, highlight major sections, take copious notes in the margins and get into massive action using this step by step portable mentor, advisor, and coach as your guide."

David Newman, CSP, Best-Selling Author, Marketing Coach and Consultant

Are You Prepared for Professional Success in the Coming New "Now"?

Remember the last recession in 2007? Remember that feeling of not knowing whether you’d be going to the office for a day’s work or being asked to head down to HR when you arrived?


Companies were cutting discretionary spending, dealing with customer and client retention, trying to keep layoffs to a minimum...

Are you ready for the "New Now" career MindShift?

WOULDN'T IT BE GREAT if you had a PROVEN PROGRAM to help you accelerate your career ahead of everyone else...even in uncertain times?


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Go long on yourself. Take the next step right now to put your success into a higher trajectory. You’ll be in position for the challenges that await as companies emerge from the chaos seeking your branded value and expertise.

If you're a senior-level director, manager, or leader considering private-sector opportunities, here's your chance to get to the front of the line.


This FREE Masterclass will show you scalable, repeatable strategies and tactics to accelerate your next career leap! 

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