Experts Like You are the Ones Who Benefit the Most from Personal Strategic Mentoring  

Here's an overview of the value of having a strategic mentor in your corner to help accelerate your professional advancement.

The 8-week virtual Strategic Mentoring Programs are post-CoVID-19 ready, offered by invitation only and at certain times of the year. Click on any of the links below to learn more about each program.


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Program Title                                                                                              Status                   Enrollment Opens/Session Starts 

Strategic Career Engagement in the New Normal                                 Signing up now             August 1/August 13, 2020    Executive Leadership Alchemy for the Other Side of Chaos*              In progress                     Fall 2020/Winter 2020

Cracking the Code for Leading in a Post-Pandemic Workplace           In progress                     Fall 2020/Winter 2020

Making the Leap to the Private Sector in Uncertain Times                  In progress                     Fall 2020/Winter 2020

The Demilitarized Zone: Going from Deployed to Employed               In progress                      Fall 2020/Winter 2020

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