Experts Like You are the Ones Who Benefit the Most from Personal Strategic Mentoring  

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has one; Steph Curry of the World NBA Champs Golden State Warriors has one. Both star athletes feel they wouldn’t be at the top of their game without them. What do they and countless other star performers have to make them great and stay great?

A personal coach and strategic mentor.


For too long, coaching has been likened to tutoring, a remedial approach for improving performance, but that’s no longer true. Strategic mentoring takes coaching to the next level. It's all about enhancing your performance as well as identifying your performance blind spots. Strategic mentoring is most effective when applied to those like yourself -- leaders who are already excelling!

A strategic mentor can be an incredible asset to someone like yourself who is committed to excellence. If you are serious about boosting your executive leadership performance, becoming a global influencer and thought leader, or looking for THE definitive strategy for getting hired or promoted, we have a Strategic Mentoring Program for you because a strategic mentor is a must for your future success.

The 8-week virtual Strategic Mentoring Programs are offered by invitation only and at certain times of the year. Current sessions are full.

For Leaders with C-Suite Aspirations: Executive Leadership Alchemy (Corporate In-House Only)

For Fast-Track Professionals: Executive Accelerator for High-Achieving Professionals 

For Mid-Level Professionals in TransitionStrategic Career Engagement 

For Engineering Managers and Leaders: Cracking the Code for Leading in a Post-Pandemic Environment

For Public Sector Professionals Seeking Private Sector Jobs: Making the Leap to the Private Sector 

For Military Professionals Leaving the Service: The Demilitarized Zone: Going from Deployed to Employed

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