Scheduled for Spring/Summer 2021 release. Keynote and virtual group mentoring program available now.



Proven Effective Strategies to Sharpen Your Engagement, Enhance Your Position, Grow Your Influence, and Get Higher Conversions

After sharing his strategies over a 30-year career leading and managing people and projects for Fortune 100 companies, Donn LeVie Jr. has been teaching conference and corporate audiences and clients in his Strategic Mentoring Programs how to get E.P.I.C. Results™  (Engage-Position-Influence-Convert) and accelerate to higher levels of career success. 

Getting E.P.I.C. Results! explains the importance of a three-phase engagement process (pre-engagement, direct engagement, and post-engagement) for aligning with decision maker wants and needs from start to finish.


You'll also learn how to apply the Mindworm Contagion to embed your brand in the minds of decision makers; create the Continuum of Belief as you progress through negotiations, hiring processes, and other discussions, and the Trojan Horse Technique that has proven to be the unfair advantage for hundreds of  Donn's audience members and clients that renders competitors irrelevant to decision makers.


If You Think You Look Funny Sitting on a Horse

Building a Leadership Presence

Presence defies any one definition but can be characterized as "a feeling someone else gets when they observe how someone gracefully or seamlessly interacts with other people, other environments, and different incidents and occasions."  That ability to draw out such reactions from others is a powerful influence tool.


This book explores the many ways to elevate your innate presence "DNA" and outlines strategies for applying it in different situations and with different types of people following Donn's popular E.P.I.C. Results (Engage, Position, Influence, Convert) approach.

This isn't a book on leadership - there's too many of them already; it's about acquiring the personal qualities that others observe from your words, actions, and behavior that enhance your leadership potential.

Scheduled for Fall/Winter 2021 release. Keynote currently available.

The Higher You Climb, the Harder it is to Hold on because power is a strong drug

Scheduled for 2022 publication. Keynote currently available.



Maintaining Your Grip on the Way Up

Each succeeding level of leadership carries with it its own set of authority, responsibilities, expectations, and accountability (AREA). The higher you climb in the organization or in your industry, the harder it is to hold on as the strategies, tactics, and critical thinking you use at lower levels to empower others in the organization become more focused on long-range decisions and planning that affect the direction of the entire organization.


Learn what you need for the ascent to help you maintain your grip - based on the wisdom and insight of 25 corporate visionaries and influencers -- as well as Donn's 30 years experience leading and managing people and projects for Fortune 100 organizations.