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What are YOUR best options in these chaotic and uncertain times ?

Transitioning from the military to the civilian job market has always been a challenge for veterans. Now, with a global pandemic, financial turbulence, and uncertainty forcing businesses to close and furlough or lay off workers for weeks and months, it’s beyond bad.

You simply can’t afford to follow the out-of-the-box, plain vanilla career advice from government-sponsored job transition programs that fail miserably during unprecedented turmoil, disruption, and crisis.

If your exit strategy depends on career advice from January or February 2020, it's already out of date and not valid in a post-pandemic workplace.

IF YOU'VE EVER WANTED a program that gives you a PROVEN, ROCK-SOLID PERSONALIZED STRATEGY that goes FAR BEYOND what any DoD career transition program can provide...​

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The Demilitarized Zone Virtual Strategic Mentoring Program is an 8-week structured framework approach that is individually customized to show you exactly what you need to do and what you need to say to be seen and get heard by decision makers.


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“Donn LeVie Jr. proves, once again, that he is the king of the hiring process. This program gives a clear pathway to strategic career success with milestones along the way to check your progress.”

Lt. Colonel Robert J. Blair, CGFM, CICA

United States Air Force, retired Branch Chief for Financial Plans and Policy

U.S. Central Command under General David Petraeus