What are YOUR best options in these chaotic and uncertain times ?

Transitioning from the military to the civilian job market has always been a challenge for veterans. Now, with a global pandemic, financial turbulence, and uncertainty forcing businesses to close and furlough or lay off workers for weeks and months, it’s beyond bad.

You simply can’t afford to follow the out-of-the-box, plain vanilla career advice from government-sponsored job transition programs that fail miserably during unprecedented turmoil, disruption, and crisis.

If your exit strategy depends on career advice from January or February 2020, it's already out of date and not valid in a post-pandemic workplace.

Sure, the TAPS program is part of your military and VA benefit package, and you get the most basic (but pre-COVID-19) career advice.

But the program has been dinged by the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) for not doing enough to build soft skills - those personal qualities, habits, attitudes, and social graces that can make an individual employable).

Problem is…that’s what private-sector decision makers are looking for! Plus, the DAV also found that TAPS program facilitators were evaluated only on whether they met Department of Labor contractual obligations—in other words, just the bare minimum—not whether they “worked outside the parameters” to assist exiting servicemen and servicewomen.   


How can a program run by the Department of Labor — a PUBLIC sector government agency — prepare YOU for what PRIVATE sector decision makers and hiring managers are looking for — especially as the New Normal starts taking shape?


The answer: They can’t.

Here’s the current lay of the land in the private sector as companies work through immediate, near-term, and long-term priorities, such as those shown in the 5 Stages of Dealing with Chaos.

Most companies are working through Phases 2 and 3, and a few are trying to get a view over the horizon in Phases 4 and 5. Savvy military professionals like you in the middle of their exit strategy will follow the advice of NHL Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky to “go where the puck is going to be; not where it is now.”

There's only one problem...

There are 40 million other private sector workers who have been furloughed or laid off as of May 28, 2020 who are also trying to get to where the puck is going.

The competition for jobs in the private sector has never been this intense while companies cut discretionary spending, deal with customer and client retention, preserve capital, and just plain try to survive.

On top of all that, most personnel leaving the armed services after their first or second enlistment don’t have experience working in a civilian workplace setting compared to their civilian counterparts…and that won’t get you anywhere near the front of a very long line.

Here are a few other factors working against your job search compared with out-of-work private-sector employees:

  • You don’t have a large network of private-sector contacts who could refer you to open positions in other companies; they do.

  • You don’t have any social media presence in the channels where decision makers and hiring managers hang out; they do.

  • You don’t have any social proof of demonstrated skills, knowledge, or expertise; they do.

  • You don’t have enough (or any) civilian job experience for a decent-sounding résumé; they do.

Does this sound like a hopeless cause? Does this sound like your chances are slim to none for getting a job in the private sector?

Maybe, if you’re considering being an employee and competing with those 26 million other laid-off employees. Before you decide to re-up, there is another option available to you—one that offers better opportunities, and one that many companies hope you’ll consider.

But first, you need to understand that there’s three overarching reasons someone decides to hire you: (1). They like you. (2). They trust you. (3). They believe you can help them get what they want or need better than anyone else. How do you convince them of that—especially if you’ve never had a job outside of the military or you don’t have the “soft skills” hiring managers want?


Wouldn’t it be great to have a proven, rock-solid personalized strategy that goes far beyond what any DoD career transition program can provide?

There is one such program: The Demilitarized Zone: From Deployed to Employed Strategic Mentoring Program is a virtual 8-week structured framework approach that is individually customized to show you exactly what you need to do and what you need to say so that you know how to…

  • Translate everyday job tasks, functional expertise (job duties and responsibilities) and core competencies (areas of proficiency) into achievements and accomplishments to demonstrate your contributions to the unit/division/regiment higher strategic objectives

  • Build a social media presence in select channels to broadcast your expertise

  • Create a killer cover letter and achievement-focused résumé to get the job interviews you want—from someone who’s reviewed thousands of cover letters and résumés and hired hundreds of professionals

  • Engage decision makers and hiring managers to build that trust and familiarity through their social media channels

  • Position your military experience, skills, and knowledge so you come across as exactly the solution they’re looking for

  • Incorporate the vocabulary and psychology of influence and persuasion to convey your expertise and you’re being the problem solver they seek

  • Apply impression-management language during interview questions and when asking questions of hiring managers to become top of mind

  • Apply emotional and influential intelligence soft skills to demonstrate your ability to lead others

  • Use the power of social proof you will build to promote your expertise right up to when an offer is presented

So, which employers are looking for YOUR military experience and expertise?

More and more companies will making up lost time, lost business, lost revenues by hiring highly skilled workers, but on a project-by-project basis. They need specialized expertise – the kind you offer – to help them close the gap so they can get back to being profitable faster. One thing they won’t be doing is bloating their organization with as many full-time employees, but they WILL be hiring contractors and consultants. It’s the new reality of doing business.


Why? Because these companies need many former military professionals like you who…

  • Are typically at the top of THEIR preferred list of potential contractors and consultants

  • Likely have experience with many of their products, logistics, or systems

  • Don’t need much training; you can hit the ground running on projects from Day 1

  • Already have the necessary security clearances

  • Understand supply chain integrity and management

  • Already have a large network of highly skilled fellow servicemen and women

In short, you’ll get the results and outcomes that will serve you as you move from one project contract to another, or one client consulting assignment to the next as the New Normal spreads around the globeWhile employees have to worry about their jobs with every industry downturn, financial crisis, or recession, you will have chaos-proof strategies that will see you through them all.

Sure, you can go with companies that have veterans hiring programs where you get a preference in the hiring process to be become an employee, but does minimum wage light your candle? Why not download the 8-week outline for The Demilitarized Zone: From Deployed to Employed Strategic Mentoring Program and see if you're up for launching yourself into something greater.


In short, you’ll get the results and outcomes that will serve you for your entire professional career.

Next Steps

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