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About Donn LeVie Jr.

Donn LeVie Jr., CFE, CEA has enjoyed a rewarding 33-year corporate career leading and managing professionals, projects, and programs at all levels in the public sector (NOAA), Fortune 100 companies (Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, Intel), and higher education (adjunct faculty, University of Houston).  

In 2013, Donn left the corporate world to set out as a leadership influence coach, mentor, speaker, and strategist serving corporations and professional associations. He's been a presenter and strategist at the ACFE Global Fraud Conference since 2011.


Since January 2023, he's been cruising into retirement, dividing his time by speaking on leadership influence, writing feature articles and columns for Fraud Magazine, and working on book projects. 

...Here's what others said about Donn programs, keynotes, and coaching...


"Donn's leadership influence programs provide unique, eye-opening perspectives that trim years of wasted effort and energy for anyone transitioning from being an expert to stepping up to Influencer status...and even beyond that.


"Donn shows leaders at all levels how to create their own Center of Gravity that draws in allies, advocates, champions, clients, customers, and followers. Donn is that leader that everyone would love to follow! Bring him into your organization today!"

Ruben Puente, Assistant Director,

The University of Texas System Police

Fraud Magazine Issues with Donn's Feature Articles and Columns

For more than a decade, Donn's been a popular presenter/speaker and strategist at the annual ACFE Global Fraud Conference. His feature articles in FRAUD Magazine (a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) have addressed historical and contemporary accounts of how human frailties and poor leadership lead to deception, manipulation, betrayal, deceit, and outright fraud. Over the years, Donn's career and leadership columns have shared insight into the subtle elements of leadership influence, persuasion, and presence for the ACFE's 90,000 members in 180 countries.  

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