About Donn LeVie Jr.

From 1980 until 2013, Donn LeVie Jr. has enjoyed a rewarding career leading and managing a variety of professionals at all levels in the public and private sectors. Today Donn focuses on the intersection of influential leadership, persuasive communication, and consistent performance for individuals and organizations in the private and public sector.


As a leadership influence expert, he specializes as an engagement/positioning strategist, leadership platform catalyst, and success expeditor. Donn is an advocate for cognitive diversification and the use of linguistic/rhetorical tools for creating a vocabulary of leadership influence and persuasion.

Over his 33-year career, he has spoken at more than 70 global technology, oil and gas, and fraud-prevention conferences as well as countless regional meetings. Donn is the author of two award-winning business/career strategy books that each have won both the International Book Award and Global eBook Award. 

Donn is a Certified Fraud Examiner, (CFE) a Certified Ethics Associate (CEA), Certified in Project Management Essentials (PMEC), and is Senior Fellow with the Management & Strategy Institute (MSI).  

...And Here Are the Results You Can Expect...


"Donn's leadership influence programs provide unique, eye-opening perspectives that trim years of wasted effort and energy for anyone transitioning from being an expert to stepping up to Influencer status...and even beyond that.


"Donn shows leaders at all levels how to create their own Center of Gravity that draws in allies, advocates, champions, clients, customers, and followers. Donn is that leader that everyone would love to follow! Bring him into your organization today!"

Ruben Puente, Assistant Director,

The University of Texas System Police