Who is Donn LeVie Jr?

Donn has managed a variety of teams and corporate programs, from oceanographic research in the Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic; oil and gas exploration efforts along the Texas-Louisana Gulf Coast and frontier offshore areas; to technical marketing support for software and microprocessor products. 

Over his 33-year career, he has spoken at more than 70 technology, oil and gas, and fraud-prevention conferences. 

Donn specializes in leadership, communication, and performance, 

Donn is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Ethics Associate, and Senior Fellow with the Management & Strategy Institute (MSI). Within the general leadership category, Donn is a specialist as an engagement/positioning strategist, leadership platform alchemist, and success expeditor. 

OK...what else?

Donn is a husband, father, and grandfather of two. He is a church musician who occasionally performs the music of Bach, Handel, Mozart, and other composers on classical guitar for churches.

A native of Gloucester, Massachusetts who now lives in Austin, Texas, he is an avid reader of books about the Revolutionary War, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Donn is also a self-professed wine and cigar aficionado and can speak just enough French and Italian to confuse native speakers.