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Weapons of Mass Persuasion® Corporate Program

AUDIENCE: Directors, Executives, VPs

DURATION: Live, in-person: 2.5 days; see below for virtual

Behavioral economics reveals many hundreds of cognitive biases that are repetitive, predictable drivers for making decisions and judgments. Our brains have evolved to find the path of least resistance when confronting all kinds of situations and people ("good enough" thinking). Oftentimes, those shortcuts include irrational beliefs and assumptions that can lead to wrong decisions. 

The Weapons of Mass Persuasion corporate program reveals 28 of the most common deeply-rooted cognitive biases (there are many hundreds) and how to counter them in specific leadership situations to turn objections into agreement, rejection into acceptance, and doubt into belief.


Learn how to convert obscure cognitive biases and positions into persuasive resources for furthering your agenda, accepting your proposals, and achieving remarkable results. 

Steve Haenchen.jpg

“I found Donn’s mention of pre- and post-engagement strategies important considerations that have been totally forgotten among students today. Donn gives a lot of encouragement and motivation to make you want to get out there and get going. Wish my students could have heard him.”

Steve Haenchen, Ph.D.

Cyber Forensics and Information Security Management

Kansas University

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