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I've decided to give away much of my intellectual property that I've spent more than 33 years developing and sharing with others through individual and group coaching, masterclasses, seminars, and consulting. These ebooks contain strategies and tactics that will help you hone your leadership, influence, and communication skills to "excelerate" your personal and professional development.

The Belief Continuum is a model that explains how people's beliefs evolve over time. Whether you’re trying to get hired, win a promotion, sign a new client or land that huge consulting gig, you have opportunities along the way of gaining converts to your value and branded expertise as you move through a Belief Continuum in a hiring, negotiation, or contract cycle. Learn how this psychological bias can work in your favor with decision makers.  

Neuroscience has demonstrated the critical role of the mind in the human operating system. Our beliefs influence our thoughts, which influence our feelings (the InnerGame). Our emotions dictate our actions, and our actions produce results (the OuterGame), which affirm our beliefs. If that’s not working well for you, you must start by changing your BELIEFS. Discover how to maximize your Innergame to achieve external success.  

We can often find opportunities not in new circumstances but in those that already exist. We just have to look at them with new eyes, with more than one perspective, set of assumptions, and preconceived expectations. A VisionShift gives rise to sparks of genius, innovation, creativity, breakthrough thinking, and new possibilities. It contributes to shaping the circumstances that can lead to tremendous personal and professional results.   

A Pattern Interrupt disrupts someone's normal attention state and creates a new experience that sharply focuses their awareness. People are creatures of habit who tend to follow predictable patterns in their lives and putting their attention on cruise control. Introducing something unexpected or novel into these patterns jolts people out of their mental autopilot and captures their focus. Learn how to use pattern interrupts to your advantage to introduce new ideas, thoughts, and possibilities with decision makers — or yourself.  

“Valueocity” (value + velocity) is what happens when your value and branded leadership expertise are delivered with lightning speed to decision makers. Learn how to accelerate the time value of your skills, knowledge, and experience to chart a stellar professional path, build your champions and advocates list, and convert more decision makers sooner than later. 

Like the musical earworm (a song you can’t get out of your head), you can create a brand mindworm with one or more elements of your expertise that dominates decision-maker mindshare to the point it goes beyond creating familiarity with you and the value you offer — it starts to generate feelings of trust, which leads to engagement, and ultimately to a preference for your skills, knowledge, and experience. 

A successful talent search builds on identifying candidates with a solid brand, demonstrated expertise, and quantifiable accomplishments. Learn how to spot and separate the candidate just wanting a job from the problem solver, solutions provider and game changer you want. Or, use these strategies and tactics to become "spotted talent" yourself.  

Although it may seem like an odd statement, the underlying message is quite clear. It implies that one's confidence and self-assurance are essential for leadership, particularly in situations where there is pressure to take decisive action. In other words, if someone doubts their ability or feels insecure about their appearance, they may not be able to inspire others to follow them into battle or into the corporate suite. The quote emphasizes the importance of projecting confidence and strength when leading a group of people toward a common goal. Learn strategies and tactics for developing your leadership presence.

Becoming an influencer is a significant achievement, but it takes more than just popularity to become a thought leader. Thought leaders are individuals who lead the way in their respective fields, setting new standards and influencing industry-wide conversations. To make this transition, learn what influencers need to do that will help them establish themselves as experts in their niche.  

Disruption and discord are inevitable in any organization. However, it is how leaders manage these situations that determine whether the outcomes will be positive or negative. Positive redirection involves taking advantage of these disruptions to make necessary changes that can lead to growth and progress. Discover strategies for turning no-win scenarios into win-win ones.  

In normal circumstances, leadership can sometimes be thought of as the daily management of micro-crisis incidents. Issues and problems often get resolved quickly or are delegated to others for resolution. However, in larger moments, such as war, natural disasters, or pandemics, crisis leadership demands the expression of a unifying vision of mythic proportions as the effort by all affected must be focused on returning everyday life to a sense of normalcy sooner than later. Learn key crisis communication strategies for such times.

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