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LEAP   Coaching/ATLAS   Assessment

Short-Term Value, Influence, and Performance (VIP) Coaching/Mentoring

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Leadership/influence strategist, award-winning author, and coach/mentor Donn LeVie Jr. has led people and projects for Fortune 100 companies over a 33-year career prior to going out on his own as a leadership strategist, speaker, and consultant. 

In this short video, he briefly describes how to address the "No Win Scenario" that many leaders are faced with in today's tumultuous business environment. See Donn's free ebooks for strategies on addressing the No-Win Scenario and other challenges confronting leaders.

Do it differently because you were made for more.

Overcome the hurdles. Change the behaviors holding you back. Discover the potential you have. Make a real impact on yourself and your team.

Imagine the success of being heard, being seen, and getting EPIC results by doing things differently with a repeatable framework that gets those results each and every time with short-term VIP (Value, Influence, and Performance) Coaching from Donn LeVie Jr.

VIP Coaching will help you:

  • Power up your branded value & expertise. 

  • Sharpen your "engagementality."

  • Improve your authority positioning.

  • Expand your circle of influence.

  • Lead smarter.

  • Think faster.

  • Make breakthrough decisions.

  • Move from networking to "connectworking."

  • Develop your leadership presence.

  • Enhance emotional & influential intelligence

Your next chapter begins here.

If you're having difficulty convincing decision makers that you're the right person for the job, assuring irate customers or clients that you'll take care of their problem, or dealing with inflexible parties who are reluctant to sign off on your proposal, we have your back to help you with the artful application of engagement strategies, positioning your branded value and expertise, and influential intelligence.

In every encounter, you can choose how to engage the other party that bridges the empathy divide for meaningful connection to win clients, customers, and decision makers—essentially hearts and minds—for better results, outcomes, and conclusions, whatever the goal.

When you learn these principles, you can move away from professional stagnation or obscurity to more profound personal and professional change that serves as the driving force for your future and ongoing success.

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Working from Home
Jennifer Sirois.jpg

 “I benefitted greatly from Donn’s expertise and within the first few minutes, he distilled down the key points of how to interact and engage with decision makers…and incorporate a lifetime of experience into a trajectory of three different engagement strategies that resonates with me as a form U.S. Army officer”

Jennifer Sirois, CFE

Sirois Detective Agency

Michael Dunlap.jpg

 “I learned quite a bit from Donn about the cutting edge on how I’m going to market my branded leadership expertise and value, how I’m going to take things forward to show that I’m open, I’m connected, and I’m the right person to take the decision making for risk mitigation to the next level.”

Michael Dunlop, CFE
Head of Investigations

Financial Crime Threat Mitigation

​HSBC Bank Middle East, Ltd.

Tenecia Strayhorn.png

“Donn’s program was awesome – it showed me I’ve been doing some things well, but there are so many more things I can improve on with my goals and even in my day-to-day job. It made me realize that I have to identify my ‘secret advantage’…I knew I could trust everything he was saying to help me in my career.”

Tenecia Strayhorn, CFE
Data Analytics Supervisor 

Enterprise Holdings

What Clients are Saying about Donn's Leadership  Coaching/Mentoring Strategies...


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From the Underworld to the Boardroom takes the reader through the dark side of influence and persuasion: the world of manipulation and coercion. Unethical behavior abounds in both the criminal underworld and the corporate boardroom and many times we willingly participate in our own financial, emotional, and even physical ruin. Award-winning author and former executive leadership and influence strategist Donn LeVie Jr. reveals true tales in this compelling collection of fraud, corruption, counterfeiting, and other cons.

The chapters in Donn's book first appeared as feature articles in Fraud Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

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3d bk2.png

Donn's previous career strategy books (Confessions of a Hiring Manager Rev. 2.0 and Strategic Career Engagement) went on to win the International Book Award and the Global eBook Award for Business/Careers.


In a world where the competition is constantly trying to outsmart you, it's time to "stack the deck" in your favor. In Stacking the Deck: Career Strategies for Outsmarting the Competition, award-winning author and former Fortune 100 executive and leadership/influence strategist Donn LeVie Jr. shows the many ways individuals and organizations can get the upper hand with strategies and tactics that give them an "unfair" advantage that renders their competition irrelevant.

The chapters in Donn's book first appeared as articles in Fraud Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

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