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A brief message from Donn...


After a rewarding 40-year career leading people and projects for Fortune 100 companies (Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, Intel Corporation), the Federal Government (NOAA) and academia (the University of Houston), leadership strategist, speaker, and award-winning author Donn LeVie Jr. is on the next phase of his life that will soon take him and his family from Austin, Texas to the Blue Ridge Mountains of far northwest South Carolina. 

If you would like Donn to teach your members at your conference or organization how to engage at higher levels, better position their authority, achieve greater influence and convert others to allies, advocates, champions, and clients, contact him here.

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Leadership influence is built on underlying values

My approach to leadership influence embraces three underlying and overlapping fundamentals that drive the essential core of presence-driven leaders:

  • Highlight Meaning and Purpose: Apply your highest personal strengths and talents to belong to and serve a greater good, purpose, or belief.

  • Encourage Participation and Involvement: Apply your greatest personal strengths, talents, and gifts with your work, family, friendships, and leisure.

  • Seek Fulfillment and Enjoyment: Apply as much positive emotion and coping skills to thrive in all areas of your work and personal life.


​True presence-driven leaders can arise in your organization when individuals have created a core of trust and empathy that will enhance performance, influence, engagement, and value. 


Core of trust and empathy


From the Underworld to the Boardroom takes the reader through the dark side of influence and persuasion: the world of manipulation and coercion. Unethical behavior abounds in both the criminal underworld and the corporate boardroom and many times we willingly participate in our own financial, emotional, and even physical ruin. Award-winning author and former executive leadership and influence strategist Donn LeVie Jr. reveals true tales in this compelling collection of fraud, corruption, counterfeiting, and other cons.

The chapters in Donn's book first appeared as feature articles in FRAUD Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

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In a world where the competition is constantly trying to outsmart you, it's time to "stack the deck" in your favor. In Stacking the Deck: Career Strategies for Outsmarting the Competition, award-winning author and former Fortune 100 executive and leadership/influence strategist Donn LeVie Jr. shows the many ways individuals and organizations can get the upper hand with strategies and tactics that give them an "unfair" advantage that renders their competition irrelevant.

The chapters in Donn's book first appeared as articles in Fraud Magazine, a publication of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). 

                                Scan the QR code to get your free copy.

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Donn's latest article in FRAUD Magazine

Develop a Curiosity-Driven Workplace  

Research shows that those with inquisitive minds seek novel solutions to unique challenges. Nowhere is this truer than in fraud investigations where curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism are two sides of the same coin. Fraud investigators won't detect many instances of financial deception if they don't use curiosity as a problem-solving skill. 

The March/April 2024 issue of Fraud Magazine has my column describing how a curiosity-driven workplace can help with uncovering the real reasons behind many types of challenges, problems, and fraud investigations. If you're a member of the ACFE, you can read the entire article on the ACFE FRAUD Magazine website.

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