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We get it.

You want to:

  • Elevate your best leaders to become stronger influencers

  • Build stronger executive presence

  • Create stronger stakeholder relationships and value

You need to:

  • Communicate post-pandemic job task changes

  • Clarify post-pandemic work responsibilities essential to creating the right outcomes

  • Translate strategy into measurable work tasks

You wish you:

  • Had a better grasp on asking the right questions

  • Our new and upcoming leaders knew how to build their leadership platforms

  • Did a better job encouraging energetic decision making and productivity

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Donn gets it, too.

Since leaving the Fortune 100 corporate world, government, and academia after a 35-year career leading people and projects (NOAA, Phillips Petroleum, Motorola, Intel Corp, University of Houston), Donn LeVie Jr. has been solving problems like these and many others as an engagement and positioning strategist, leadership platform catalyst, conference speaker/presenter, and success expeditor.


Specializing at the intersection of leadership, communication, and psychology, Donn works with your leaders and teams to sharpen their curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration so they can lead smarter, act faster, grow their influence, and make breakthrough decisions.

Yes, we get it. And we can help you win the day because we have proven programs to help you get there from here. 

We Have a Plan: Our Authority Positioning Model

Donn specializes in Persuasive Language Communication, Presence-Driven Leadership, and Influence Psychology, where the intersection of all three is the sweet spot to get you higher performance, better retention, and richer financial results.  

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If Influence Psychology is missing or misaligned:

  • Poor results because leaders don’t know how to engage to influence or persuade others (employees, board members, clients, customers)

  • Low growth due to inability to close opportunities, convert prospects to clients

  • Too little empathy and trust shuts down paths to influence and persuasion

If Presence-Driven Leadership is missing or misaligned:

It's easy to get started.

  • Poor employee commitment to leadership directives and initiatives

  • Broken trust, influence, and commitment from employees

  • Low psychologically empowered workplace environment

If Persuasion-Language Communication is missing or misaligned:

  • Degraded messaging; everyone is on a different page

  • Erosion of organizational alignment and getting everyone to row the boat together

  • High likelihood of ambiguous direction, unclear directives, directional confusion

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