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You know it's present in your organization. You've been aware of it for some time. You haven't been able to resolve the problem with awareness or leadership training. You fear the creation of a toxic or hostile work environment that takes a toll not only on employee morale and health, but on the bottom line.

The losses you can't see are the ones that cost you the most.

No matter how great the vision or strategy in such a culture, they will never be fully executed with ineffective leaders. 

Imagine how things could be so much better if you could fix these costly issues of employee disengagement and lost productivity...an empowered workforce that's involved, appreciated, and challenged; one that's supported and mentored in an ethical culture that values hard work, honesty, integrity, commitment, and dedication. . .the kind you can have with
E.P.I.C. Results™ Leadership.



Donn's outcome-rich keynotes, pre-conference, and post-conference programs on E.P.I.C. Results™ Leadership, Influential and Persuasive Intelligence™, and Brand Leverage Strategies equip and expedite the professional success of your membership and conference attendees - regardless of their levels of experience or responsibility. All programs do double-duty as value magnets for your conference, association, and members because there's 30-day follow-up with attendees to ensure the  content value is reinforced in the work environment.



Donn's E.P.I.C. Results™ Leadership Corporate Program provides high takeaway value for audiences by teaching new leaders Engagementality™ and Connectworking™ strategies; showing senior leaders how to leverage their Leadership Platform and Brand Equity™; and elevating executive effectiveness with the Influencer and Thought-Leader Masterclass.™ These corporate programs  (1) enhance your existing orientation and leadership onboarding programs and (2) help eliminate revenue leaks caused by ineffective leadership strategies, attitudes, behaviors.   


Conference and corporate audiences in the oil and gas industry, software/hardware development, and a variety of other fields have benefited from Donn's 30-year experience leading and managing people and projects for Fortune 100 companies and his E.P.I.C. Results™ Leadership Corporate Program and Influential and Persuasive Intelligence™     strategies for creating powerful branded expertise and value.  Becoming presence-driven leaders is the path toward eliminating revenue leaks caused by ineffective leadership, behaviors, and attitudes. 


Donn LeVie Jr. is the founder of DONN LeVIE JR. STRATEGIES that is grounded in his thirty years managing and leading people and projects for Fortune 100 companies in oil and gas exploration (Phillips Petroleum), academia (University of Houston), the federal government (U.S. Dept. of Commerce - NOAA), and high-technology manufacturing (Motorola, Intel Corp.). Those are strong proving grounds for learning what works and what doesn't when leading and managing others. 

Donn's witty, informative, and thought-provoking keynotes, seminars, and corporate programs address the concepts and language paradigms for getting E.P.I.C. Results™ that eliminate employee disengagement, lost productivity, and the revenue leaks they create. Learn how to convert followers into fans, contacts into customers, clients into champions, adversaries into allies, and foster the development of presence-driven leaders.

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