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C-Suite for Christ

The Full Story

Separation between your Christian faith and the workplace? What? I don't think so! So-called "conventional wisdom" says you shouldn’t mix the two. Haven’t you heard this forever?

Well, I'm a contrarian in many ways...I like to break down barriers. Defy accepted norms. Challenge conventional wisdom.


Accordingly, it's an honor to serve as a member of the C-Suite for Christ Speakers Bureau. I use my God-given talents to inspire, motivate, and empower Christian business executives from all over the world to live boldly and unapologetically for Him even as a workplace leader. You can carry out the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations in the workplace and anywhere else in more ways than one, and I can share with you how that's possible with The Areopagus Approach: Sharing the Great Commission in the Workplace. Learn more here. 

People’s fundamental beliefs and opinions are kept behind a well-guarded fortress because it keeps out conflicting perspectives through which they see the world. They need a compelling reason offered in a way that touches upon what matters to them before they will consider lowering the drawbridge of that fortress to adjust their position, opinion, or belief.


When it comes to being a witnessing Christian, who you are speaks so loudly that what you say others cannot hear, to paraphrase an old Amish proverb. People are looking for something to connect you to them; a narrative, a story that makes you relatable and relevant. People buy YOU first because who you are is always more important than what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. That’s a universal law; better than that, it’s how God hard-wired us.  Engaging with others, developing mutual trust, and being influential often begins with your visible Christian witness which is so important for carrying out the Great Commission. 

Want to book me for your next event?  You can learn more about my professional background and my corporate/association speaking topic specialties on the C-Suite for Christ Speakers Bureau page. Prayerfully consider reaching out to me to have a conversation about how we can work together for the Kingdom or your organization.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Due to corporate and association speaking engagements, writing projects, and music performances, I need at least three months advance notice to be booked for speaking at your C-Suite for Christ event. 

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