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Influencer and Thought Leader Excelerator®

Are you as an influencer and thought leader prepared for the post-pandemic work environment?

While the organizational challenges going into the New Now may crowd meeting agendas for some time to come, such focus and priorities are essential — but it's more challenging than that. Companies everywhere must still address the issues that have plagued profitability and shareholder value for years as well because:

  • You still must retain your high-performing employees immersed in a virtual workplace

  • You still must address employee anxiety leading to disengagement and lost productivity

  • You still need emotionally intelligent leaders to address empathy, trust, and resilience

  • You must still develop innovative cultures to seek out emerging opportunities

  • Leadership succession planning is still a challenge even as you groom fast-track leaders

  • You still need influencers and thought leaders at the executive leadership level to boldly explore the potential of uncharted waters

The Influencer and Thought Leader Excelerator Program incorporates specific research-backed emotional and influential intelligence behaviors, attitudes, and actions that, when integrated into the fabric of your organization, resulting in paradigm shifts that allow for 
with employees, vendors, clients, customers, stakeholders, and decision makers more effective and lasting connections to further your organization's mission, vision, and objectives as you emerge from the chaos into the New Now.

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“Donn is quite frankly one of the top speaking professionals it has ever been my pleasure to learn from. Donn has a passion for his craft and possesses what I would call a ‘health-engendering personality’ - an enthusiasm which causes you to feel better about yourself after being around him and going through his programs. In addition, his Executive Influence Leadership program is not only enjoyable but provides insights which can be used immediately to produce results.”

Keith Campbell, CFE, Ph.D.
Financial Investigator - Criminal Enforcement, Florida Office of Financial Regulation