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Audience and Lecturer

Executive Alchemy: Influence and Persuasion Techniques for Executive Presenters and Speakers

AUDIENCE: Directors, Executives/VPs

DELIVERY: 2.5 days for live, in-person. See below for virtual. 

Learn how to present with intent to move audiences to take action.


This is THE PROGRAM 500 federal agency agents, managers, and investigators are raving about! Donn's popular masterclass prepares you to win new clients, convince management and boards to accept proposals, or move any party you want to your camp. Learn the techniques for making any meeting, speech, or presentation outstanding when the intent is to engage, persuade, influence or move to action.

The program includes group discussion and group and individual participation for applying purpose-driven presentation skills.* It is designed to take you to the next level of professional advancement by teaching you the communication techniques to become a recognized leadership influencer in your profession.

This intermediate-to-advanced program does not teach PowerPoint basics or presentation basics, though attendees will learn how to better use information design with presentation software like PowerPoint. Experienced presenters will also learn how to sharpen their leadership influence and persuasion skills (presentation dynamics) to attain the desired outcome from any audience.

Don’t send out your executives and leaders to deal with the press, investors, government regulatory agencies, and stakeholders without knowing how to favorably engage audiences, position their authority, and influence actions or decisions!

*Extent of participant exercises depends on virtual platform used. Some platforms show only speaker and PowerPoint slides and not other participants.

How Our Virtual Programs Are Presented

Using a combination of pre-recorded video presentations for content and live virtual meetings for Q&A, discussion, and exercises means employees don't have to commit hours or days away from other project priorities. They can view the pre-recorded videos at more convenient times in their schedules (preferably before the scheduled Zoom strategy session calls for that section) over 6 weeks in a virtual group strategy session. Live in-person options (generally 2.5 days, some 5 days) include 30 days of follow-up content to reinforce new strategies and skills. The combination of pre-recorded videos and live virtual strategy sessions actually produces better learning reinforcement than crowding information over several days.


“If you are in a position in which you provide content to clients, executives, or anyone who you want to impress, then you can learn from Donn LeVie, Jr. Donn is the presentation guru and he can take your audience impact and influence to higher levels. I am planning on using his approach to in all of my future presentations as I seek to professionalize and refine my audience engagements.”

Chuck McKee, MBA, CPA/CFF, CFE 

Federal  Bureau of Investigations  (obscured due to security clearance requirements)

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